Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Committing Busicide

Via HotAir, Governor Bill Richardson seems a bit off the message of the Obamagospel. Not only does he encourage more drilling (though he does leave the wiggle room regarding offshore and ANWR), he also says we need to get away from corn-based ethanol.

But Obama likes corn. Obama loves corn. He just can't get enough corn.

Captain Ed seems befuddled that an Obama supporter such as Richardson, a man who has VP aspirations, would stray this far off message. In fact, the Captain went so far as to title his post, "Richardson tosses himself under the Obama bus?"

Now, some may view such a scene as the work of the man who, as Jim Geraghty once described him, "spat out gaffes like a Pez dispenser".

Uh, no. Not this time.

This was the cool and calculating act of a man deliberately tossing himself under the bus.

Wouldn't you?

It's a no brainer.

And yes, follow the links for the obligatory pictures.

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