Tuesday, July 1, 2008


According to the calendar, summer has begun.

For us here vacationing in the Teton Valley of eastern Idaho, we are definitely still in spring. The snowfall was near record level this year, and the temperatures have been mild.

We are reliably informed by our brother who lives here full-time that as recently as last week, we could have gone sledding at Grand Targhee -- the snow pack still reached to the base of the mountain.

It's warmed up now, of course -- but the flowers are blooming here several weeks later than normal.

We are not complaining. Not in the least.

Here are some of the shots we took today in a traipse around the property with our five year old daughter. One of the pics she actually took, though we won't tell you which one.




Pink Columbine

White Lilac:

White Lilac

Pink Lilac:

Pink Lilac

Goat's Beard:

Goat's Beard






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  2. glasater/http://www.wallawallaphotos.comJuly 2, 2008 at 5:28 PM

    Really appreciate your flower photos--very nicely done.
    Everything around WW flora-wise was about in the same shape--two weeks behind. Wheat harvest will also be late and that is the real "biggy" around here.

    The Lupine towards Tollgate are yellow and really brighten the landscape when they're coming on.

    Thanks so much for your 'flora' post.

  3. bgates -- don't mind that comment at all. Hopefully it can be helpful!

    glaster -- glad you like the flora pics. They came out much better than I had anticipated. I didn't think our little camera would do macro shots very well...