Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with numbers

Seriously, the presidential candidates are really, really bad with numbers...

Senator Obama, how many people died in the Greensburg tornado: 10,000!

Senator McCain, how many years should we stay in Iraq: Make it 100!

Senator Obama, how many states are there: I've been to 57, one left to go, not counting Hawaii and Alaska!

Senator McCain, what's you're definition of rich: How about $5M!

Senator Obama, how long do you expect to be president: 8-10 years!

And now, the latest number blunder in the campaign...

Senator McCain, how many houses do you own: I'll have my staff get to you!

Uh oh. Elite!!! Out of touch!!! That surely adds up to trouble for McCain.

Or does it?

The RNC points us to this recent headline: Researchers say numbers aren't needed to count

Well, no, that's not exactly what they point us to, though the idea is the same.

That is, the RNC contends that the most important difference between McCain and Obama when it comes to houses is not the number six (seven houses for McCain vs. one for Obama).

Rather, Obama living in a glass house is what counts.


"I'm John McCain, and I approved this message planned and executed this battle plan."

How long before the house issue is called a "distraction"?

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