Monday, October 20, 2008

Subprime Disaster's High-Value Targets: The Deck

Card two.

Tomorrow's card, today. But remember, keep up with the deck at Ace's.

MORE: Let's go ahead and link a story about the Schumer IndyMac fiasco for background.

And this:

John D. Hawke, the U.S. comptroller of the currency (regulator of national banks) from 1998 to 2004, had more pointed words for Schumer in a story in the American Banker newspaper today.
"If Schumer continues to go public with letters raising questions about the condition of individual institutions, he will cause havoc in the banking system," Hawke said.

"Leaking his IndyMac letter to the press was reckless and grossly irresponsible. I don't see how he can be trusted with confidential information in the future. What this incredibly stupid conduct does is put at risk the willingness of regulators to share any information with the [congressional] oversight committees. After this, you'd be crazy to share information with Schumer."


  1. This is a in a major way a creative and awesome idea. Tee shirts on CPress please. Let people pick their favorite criminal Democrat to wear to the sat. soccer game.

    Too many criminal democrats to choose from, but don't forget Conrad.

    Schumer is especially despicable because he helped his buddies by cause the Indymac run and he stole Michael Steele's social security number digging up dirt and made an underling take the criminal charge heat.

  2. Very cool! I look forward to the whole deck.

  3. This deck should be bipartisan (There are some Republican villains as well) and it should include CEOs like Franlin Raines and Angelo Mozilo and organizations like ACORN.

    We can track them to see how they are held accountability.

  4. This is awesome. Fantastic idea. These people need to be made famous.

  5. Your deck of cards is a brilliant idea. Loving the attention you're getting.


  6. Schumer's conduct makes a great test case for the Constitution's "speech and debate" clause.


  7. Has anyone considered that Schumer may have purposefully sent out that letter IN ORDER TO drive Indy Mac's stock down for the short sellers?

    In a McCain administration someone should ask "cui bono" and then follow the money. I'd bet some of it made it back to Schumer through campaign donations based on gratitude and, maybe, collusion.