Sunday, October 5, 2008

Team McCain's Magic Quadrant

Earlier we had a post showing Team Obama's Magic Quadrant Breakdown of Election 2008.

Now for the Magic Quadrant of the election as seen by the Republicans. The GOP uses the traditional Magic Quadrant definitions for each axis, Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision, with the overall measure being who can bring reform to Washington (original Magic Quadrants were developed by research and consulting firm Gartner).

In choosing Sarah Palin, John McCain has made clear that his overarching theme is one of government reform, trying to steal the rug out from under Obama on "change".

Who has brought about reform in government? Who has worked in bi-partisan ways to bring change? Who has bucked their own party to get things done?

For our purposes here, we will focus on the least known of the candidates, letting Beldar present the case for Palin as an accomplished reformer.

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