Saturday, July 2, 2011

Obama Targets Corporate Jets

At his press conference on June 29, 2011, Obama went after corporate jets and corporate jet owners. Six times. Obama says that they needed to pay more in taxes.

Don't get him wrong though -- Obama thinks having his own plane is . . . awesome.

It's not that he wants to "punish your success."

He just needs more of your money to operate his plane.

Air Force One Photo-Op

MORE: Whaddya know, Obama continues the corporate jet fetish in his weekly address this morning (h/t Don Surber):

See full weekly address here


  1. This proves without a shadow of a doubt who his loyal audience is. I bet that even his handlers know how ridiculous the corporate jet attack is, but they know it's great theatre for the Obamugabe Obamabots. The ones who if asked on the streets of New York who the Vice President is, don't know the answer.

  2. The user of the worlds largest corporate jet heaps critism upon all smaller corporate jet owners.

    The irony is thick.

  3. It's not just Obama that gets the use of a large jet at public expense -- it's also his wife, kids and even his dog.

  4. I remember some years ago 3M company stated that their earnings correlated very well with the number of miles put on their corporate jets. More miles = more profits.

  5. Mndasher:

    I do not think we can say the same thing of Obama

  6. This sort of thing infuriates me. We elected him we have to protect him. The corporate jet tax credit and the use of Air Force One are completely separate issues.

    As a conservative, I am asking you to stop this BS. You make all of us look bad.

  7. Anonymous@8:48pm, and I'm asking you to come out of the prog closet.

    Nice muddying foray though.

  8. "The corporate jet tax credit and the use of Air Force One are completely separate issues."

    Ultimately, they're not. One is arguably, productive use. The other is not, unless it is an officially sanctioned State event that benefits this country. That is, unless you consider fund raising events to be subject to the government dime. I don't.

    So, lets let the Congress determine which is which.

    Yeah, that's a joke.

  9. Anonymous@8:48pm: "The corporate jet tax credit and the use of Air Force One are completely separate issues."

    Ah. But according to Obama, the corporate jet tax break is intimately linked to college scholarships. And to medical research grants. And to food safety. And to Medicare.

    So "as a conservative," could you tell us what makes Air Force One so special?