Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little Perspective On The Debt Limit Debate

Since the Sequester kicked off on March 1, the debt has only risen ninety eight billion, four hundred eleven million, six hundred thirty seven thousand, eight hundred twenty one dollars and thirty cents.

All figures come from Debt to the Penny, a US Treasury website.

A penny here, 98 billion there and pretty soon we're talking about real money.

Actually, I'm not even being terribly facetious by saying "the debt has only risen".

That number is barely more than one tenth of the rise in debt that occured during the same time frame in Obama's first and second years in office, which were nine hundred seventeen billion, five hundred fifty million, eight hundred three thousand, seven hundred fourty four dollars and twenty cents and nine hundred thirty five billion, nine hundred six million, five hundred twenty six thousand, thirty two dollars and forty cents respectively.

Not only that, it is less than 40% of the rise in debt that occurred during the same time frame in President George W. Bush's first year of his second term, which was two hundred fifty two billion, five hundred fifty one million, four hundred sixty two thousand, one hundred six dollars and ninety seven cents.

But then again, Bush was spending like forty three wazillion dollars a month on his illegal war for oil in Iraq (that both of Obama's Secretaries of State voted for) and just air raiding villages in Afghanistan each month, and Obama is not spending a just muscular enough not to be mocked amount on his unbelievably small illegal war for ego in Syria because of unpatriotic Republicans, his string of six double bogeys on the back nine last Saturday, global warming, the Chicago White Sox three game losing streak, his unprecedented devotion to Democracy, today being Friday, September 13th (the 199th anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the Star Spangled Banner, the 87th anniversary of the birth of Mel Tormé and the 17th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death), and his legendary Smart Diplomacy using his diplomatic abilities to diplomatically bend (over/forward for) the likes of Putin, so there's that.