Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Obama 100 Day Press Conference

No, the press conference didn't last 100 days, and besides it only felt like it lasted 3 or 4 days tops. No, it was ostensibly to commemorate Obama's first 100 days in office.

Of the major networks, Fox decided to pass on carrying the presser (greedy captialists!), choosing to air their new show Lie to Me instead.

Well. The joke writes itself, doesn't it?

Obama: Lie To Me

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Heh. I wasn't going to actually do a post with this...but, since K-Lo liked it enough to put it on the Corner, well...

Ideas Have Consequences [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

A reader creates a POTUS PUMA:


But I have to admit. That picture kinda creeps me out.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Above Spider-Man or the Hulk


WALKERTOWN -- Young Matthew Armstrong knew that Saturday would be a big day, since it was the first day of the season for his Little League team.

But Matthew, 8, of Walkertown, didn't know how big the day would be until an announcer called him up to the microphone during the opening ceremony. She asked him where his dad, Frank Marques, was.

"In Iraq," he replied shyly.

And what message would he like to send to Marques?

"That I love him," Matthew said.

The youngster then got his chance to deliver that message in person.

Frank Marques, back home on a two-week leave from his tour of duty with the Army, emerged downfield and walked from first base toward home plate, where Matthew was standing.

Matthew ran out and jumped into Marques' arms, hugging him tight.

And the crowd of hundreds applauded. "He thinks his dad's a hero," said Whitney Marques, Matthew's mother.

"He puts him above Spider-Man or the Hulk."

There's more at the link above.

And video here:

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have a hard enough time trying to keep TheVIMH under control -- so I would never have undertaken this task.

Nick Robinson of the Guardian asked Obama a question at a joint press conference with him and Gordon Brown. Brown passed the ball to Obama, and the Guardian's John Crace transcribes not only Obama's verbal answer, but TheVIOH as well (*Language Warning*):

Nick Robinson: "A question for you both, if I may. The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the United States of America for causing this crisis. France and Germany both blame Britain and America for causing this crisis. Who is right? And isn't the debate about that at the heart of the debate about what to do now?" Brown immediately swivels to leave Obama in pole position. There is a four-second delay before Obama starts speaking [THANKS FOR NOTHING, GORDY BABY. REMIND ME TO HANG YOU OUT TO DRY ONE DAY.] Barack Obama: "I, I, would say that, er ... pause [I HAVEN'T A CLUE] ... if you look at ... pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] ... the, the sources of this crisis ... pause [JUST KEEP GOING, BUDDY] ... the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to . . . pause [I'M IN WAY TOO DEEP HERE] ... a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system ... pause, close eyes [THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN LIKE A CROCK OF SHIT BACK HOME. HELP]. I think what is also true is that ... pause [I WANT NICK ROBINSON TO DISAPPEAR] ... here in Great Britain ... pause [SHIT, GORDY'S THE HOST, DON'T LAND HIM IN IT] ... here in continental Europe ... pause [DAMN IT, BLAME EVERYONE.] ... around the world. We were seeing the same mismatch between the regulatory regimes that were in place and er ... pause [I'VE LOST MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT AGAIN] ...

Oh, there's more, click through and read it all.

[VIMH: What's with the language warning? You've never seemed to mind cursing on here before?]
Oh, it wasn't for the cursing. It's that direct exposure to Obama's words can be harmful if digested in large enough quantities.

[VIMH: Yeah but TheVIOH was spectacular!]
I figured you'd say that.

[VIMH: But why does TheVIOH get bold and all caps, and all I get is italics?]
You're not spectacular.

As He Is Prone To Do

In a February 20th Washington Post article, Charles Krauthammer declared Vice President Joe Biden a prophet:

Obama's Supine Diplomacy

The Biden prophecy has come to pass. Our wacky veep, momentarily inspired, predicted in October that "it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama." Biden probably had in mind an eve-of-the-apocalypse drama like the Cuban missile crisis. Instead, Obama's challenges have come in smaller bites. Some are deliberate threats to U.S. interests, others mere probes to ascertain whether the new president has any spine.

Preliminary X-rays are not very encouraging. ...

With a grinning Goliath staggering about sporting a "kick me" sign on his back ...

In a meeting of G20 leaders at Buckingham Palace on April 1st, Obama confirms by his actions that it is Krauthammer who is a prophet:

Obama Bows to Saudi King

Although technically it appears that Obama's act is more one of prostrating himself than assuming a supine position.

But the "kick me" sign was spot on.