Thursday, May 31, 2012

On This Date In 2008

A Romney-backing Super-PAC recently made news when it was reported that it was considering running ads about Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor and spiritual mentor. In 2008, Reverend Wright became infamous when videos of his sermons became public, ultimately leading to Obama disowning him in a press conference.

On this date in 2008, Barack Obama resigned from Trinity United Church of Christ, the church at which Reverend Wright had served as pastor for decades:

(CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama said Saturday that he has resigned from the church where controversial sermons by his former pastor and other ministers created political headaches for his campaign.

"We don't want to have to answer for everything that's stated in the church," the Democratic front-runner said. "We also don't want the church subjected to the scrutiny that a presidential campaign legitimately undergoes."

Obama said he was resigning "with some sadness."

"This is not a decision I come to lightly," he said.

Obama has not become a member of any church since.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama's Razor: We Can't Stop Them. We Can Only Hope They Can't Contain Themselves

So President Obama has been faring poorly for a sitting President running for reelection in recent primaries. He got a run for his money in West Virginia when a Texas prisoner received 41% of the vote. In North Carolina, 21% of primary voters elected to select "No Preference" rather than Obama. In Kentucky, "Uncommitted" received 42% of the vote. And in Arkansas, John Wolfe -- a Tennessee attorney -- received 41% of the votes.

Naturally, the Democrats apply the most logical spin on the reason for such a dismal showing. Take it away Ace:

Democrats Pretty Sure They Know Why Obama Lost 40% of the Vote In Kentucky and Arkansas

Oh, I hope that didn't leave you guessing. If so, then let Bryan Preston clear things up for you:

I Told You They Would Blame Obama’s Awful Kentucky and Arkansas Results on Race

I'm not sure there's a name for this yet, but there should be. It's the Democrats' corollary to Hanlon's Razor:

Never attribute to Democratic incompetence that which can be blamed on RACISM!!!!!

Yes, the all caps are a necessary component of this cri de cour of the Democratic Party. And while the sentiment existed long, long before President Obama was a national figure, he seems to have brought it into almost daily use.

So let's just call it Obama's Razor for now. Or maybe Obama's Racer. Not sure which is better. Someone else can decide.

But is it true? Well, if the Democrats insist on racism as the cause of Obama's woes in these primaries, then they have to admit they are a party of racists, since these are Democratic primaries. They can make that case if they like. It should bode well for them in the general election -- and not just in the Presidential race -- to be telling members of their own party that they consider them racists. Go for it!

Interesting, though, is that the numbers line up fairly consistently. Let's take a look at the difference in the Not Obama votes by Democrats in the 2008 election (based on exit polling) versus the 2012 primaries.

Percent of Democrats Not Voting for Obama
North Carolina
2008 General Election: 10%
2012 Democratic Primary: 21%
Difference: -11%

2008 General Election: 31%
2012 Democratic Primary: 42%
Difference: -11%

West Virginia
2008 General Election: 31%
2012 Democratic Primary: 41%
Difference: -10%

2008 General Election: 23%
2012 Democratic Primary: 42%
Difference: -19%

In Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina, Obama faced no real opposition (NC and KY there was no one else on the ballot, in WV that person was a convicted felon behind bars in a Texas prison). In these states he lost between 10-11% of his 2008 support among Democrats. In Arkansas, Obama had opposition in the form of a little known, but non-felon attorney, and he lost 19% of his 2008 support.

Democrats will attribute this to racism, rather than Obama's incompetence. It's not Obama's policies or record, the terrible economy and millions out of work. Nope, it's the color of his skin. The fact that there are among these Not Obama voters thousands upon thousands who voted for Obama in 2008 can go completely unnoticed because . . . RACISM!!!

We couldn't stop them if we wanted to. I'm convinced we shouldn't want them to even if we could in this election.

"A Cult Of Personality That Tolerates No Dissent" Is Not A Recent Development For Team Obama

Democratic Mayor of Newark Cory Booker has stirred up quite the kerfuffle in the presidential campaign. On Sunday he went on Meet the Press and had this to say about Team Obama's treatment of Mitt Romney's experience at Bain Capital:

I'm not about to sit here and indict private equity. To me, it's just this--we're getting to a ridiculous point in America, especially that I know. I live in a state where pension funds, unions and other people are investing in companies like Bain Capital. If you look at the totality of Bain Capital's record, it ain't--they've done a lot to support businesses, to grow businesses, And this, to me, I'm very uncomfortable with.
But the last point I'll make is this kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides. It's nauseating to the American public. Enough is enough. Stop attacking private equity, stop attacking Jeremiah Wright. This stuff has got to stop because what it does is it undermines, to me, what this country should be focused on. It's a distraction from the real issues. It's either going to be a small campaign about this crap or it's going to be a big campaign, in my opinion, about the issues that the American public cares about.

To Cory Booker, attacking Romney for Bain Capital is the equivalent to Republicans attacking Obama for toxic former pastor Rev. Wright.

Once Republicans seized on Booker's remarks to make trouble for Obama, Booker followed up with a video trying to backtrack on those remarks. Some referred to this video as a hostage tape, with Jim Geraghty specifically claiming that it is Booker's conscience being held hostage:

"Analysts note that in his hostage tape, Booker blinks in Morse code, ‘MY CITY STILL NEEDS A THRIVING FINANCIAL SECTOR.’ … A figure with ties to both the Obama camp and high finance, like Jon Corzine, may be permitted to visit Booker’s conscience in captivity…"

So, did the Obama campaign lean on Booker to get him to backpedal? Seems obvious. Team Obama is denying it, but no one really believes that.

Now, via Hot Air Headlines, former Democratic Congressman from Georgia Artur Davis gives his opinion on the Booker bicker:

It's hard to imagine a more instructive couple of days for those who want to know where the Democratic Party's head is at: its only high-profile African American moderate just got a brushback pitch for leaning in too close to the Independent thought zone; the Obama camp looks ominously like a cult of personality that tolerates no dissent

The Obama campaign not tolerating dissent? That's a far cry from the hope and change of 2008, isn't it?

Well, no, it isn't. I covered this almost exactly four years ago in this post: Stifiling dissent is the highest form of patronization.

At that time we had competing views into the Obama campaign. First, from Newsweek, it was the No Drama Obama Narrative:

“If you haven’t said anything, he’ll call on you,” says Strautmanis. “He’s never said it, but he usually thinks if somebody is very quiet it’s because they disagree with what everybody is saying … so Barack will call on you and say, ‘You’ve been awfully quiet’.” There are no screamers on Team Obama; one senior Obama aide says he’s heard him yell only twice in four years. Obama was explicit from the beginning: there was to be “no drama,” he told his aides. “I don’t want elbowing or finger-pointing. We’re going to rise or fall together.” Obama wanted steady, calm, focused leadership; he wanted to keep out the grandstanders and make sure the quiet dissenters spoke up.

Then, from the Washington Post, there was a different version of how Obama ran his meetings. Of course the WaPo being WaPo the portrayal was in service to the narrative of Obama the Great and Confident Leader (and though they would never admit it, it almost resembled an effort to make Obama an almost Bushian-like "Decider"), but it was certainly a contrast to the Newsweek version, and cast Obama as disfavoring discussion or dissent:

"It wasn't like 'Let's have a discussion.' It was 'One, two, three, four, here's what we're going to do,' "a staffer said. "When things don't go well, [Obama] doesn't yell and scream. He's very prescriptive. Everybody understands this isn't about having a discussion. He's got 99 percent of the voting shares. There's no point in taking a vote."

In trying to make sense of it all I ended with this:

Does Obama actively court quiet dissenters in the exercise of the highest form of patriotism, or does he only pretend to encourage dissent, so that he can more effectively stifle it in the benevolent dictatorship of his campaign?

I think Artur Davis and others are coming around to my way of thinking. Although perhaps I was too kind four years ago to throw in "benevolent" in my description for their tastes (but then again, it only took one day for me to retract "benevolent" because Mr. 99 percent of the voting shares had a nasty habit of blaming staffers when things went wrong).

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If You're Going To Hit Obama For His "Change", Quote Him Saying "That Change Has Been Painful"

Via Jim Geraghty, here's the latest Crossroads GPS ad:

Geraghty titles his post using a quote from the ad in which a mom is lamenting that her grown kids are forced to live at home because they can't find jobs:

‘He Promised Change… But Things Changed For the Worse.’

That's disappointing. Not so much the Geraghty post -- but that the ad didn't use the quote Geraghty caught in this old post from June of last year:

Obama: ‘For a lot of our friends and neighbors, that change has been painful.’

Geraghty even surmised in that post:

Somehow I suspect President Obama provided his opponents with more video fodder with this comment at Cree Inc., in Durham, North Carolina.

I think Crossroads could have deftly worked that quote into their ad to great effect. They should have listened to Geraghty.

I did:

But it of course is by no means a professional campaign ad.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

On This Date In 2008

Who hasn't been having fun with the Fauxcahontas story?

Poor Elizabeth Warren. Her Senate aspirations have taken a hit with the never-ending story about her seemingly risible claims of Native American ancestry.

Mark Steyn writes today:

As The Fordham Law Review reported, “Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.” There is no evidence that Mrs. Warren, now the Democrats’ Senate candidate, is anything other than 100 percent white. She walks like a white, quacks like a white, looks whiter than white. She’s the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of Wite-Out. But she “self-identified” as Cherokee, so that makes her a “woman of color.” Why, back in 1984 she submitted some of her favorite dishes to the Pow Wow Chow cookbook, a “compilation of recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families.”

The recipes from “Elizabeth Warren — Cherokee” include a crab dish with tomato mayonnaise. Mrs. Warren’s fictional Cherokee ancestors in Oklahoma were renowned for their ability to spear the fast-moving Oklahoma crab. It’s in the state song: “Ooooooklahoma! Where the crabs come sweepin’ down the plain . . . ” But then the white man came and now the Oklahoma crab is extinct, and at the Cherokee clambakes they have to make do with Mrs. Warren’s traditional Five Tribes recipe for Cherokee Lime Pie.

And, of course, we had our fun with Warren's ancestry here -- although even that tenuous lineage has since been debunked.

In other Native American news, on this date in 2008, Barack Obama was adopted by the Crow Indians:

CROW AGENCY, Mont. – As the Democratic presidential campaign has moved from season to season over the last 16 months, the political rallies and the town meetings often have taken on a similar feeling and a familiar flavor.

Not so today, here on the Crow Indian Reservation.

As Senator Barack Obama campaigned for the presidential primary in Montana – one of two states that closes out the Democratic nominating process on June 3 – he was welcomed here by a few thousand people. In a private ceremony, he was adopted into the Crow Nation and bestowed the name, “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land.”

“Senator Obama, welcome to Crow Country,” said Carl Venne, the tribal chairman.

The crowd thundered with applause as Mr. Obama was escorted onto stage by Hartford and Mary Black Eagle. They were his sponsors – or new parents, according to local custom – who were selected because they have five living generations on the reservation.
“I like my new name: Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name,” Mr. Obama told the outdoor audience. As he recognized local officials, he stumbled over a few names, saying with a smile: “I was just adopted into the tribe. I’m still working on my pronunciations.”

They say everyone is a Native American for 15 minutes. Actually, they don't say that. But people like Warren and Obama certainly believe they're entitled to it.

Adopted Native American Barack Black Eagle Obama shows his deep
respect for his adopted culture by ever so solemnly presenting
Joe Medicine Crow - High Bird with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama Is Still Editing Presidential Bios on

So Obama's been caught editing the bios of former presidents on A couple of days ago I found possible evidence that Obama was literally making those edits himself.

And today we've uncovered further evidence, picked up by Jim Geraghty. This time, it appears we've found an edit he is working on that hasn't been released yet. To date, the edits cover all of the presidents (except Gerald Ford) back to Calvin Coolidge. In this photo, we see Obama working on Rutherford B. Hayes:

Obama is Still Editing Presidential Bios on

Wait. President Hayes? Hasn't Obama brought up Hayes on the campaign trail? Oh, right, he has.

One of my predecessors, Rutherford B. Hayes, reportedly said about the telephone, ‘It’s a great invention, but who would ever want to use one?’ That's why he's not on Mount Rushmore because he’s looking backwards. He’s not looking forwards.

Yike. The Washington Post gave him four pinnochios for that one.

Let's zoom in and see what the edit Obama is making actually says:

Oh, right. Not surprising.

FACT CHECK: Does North Carolina Look Like Mississippi?

FACT CHECK: On May 8, North Carolina held its primary elections. By an overwhelming 61-39 margin, voters in the state approved the amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. As a result of that vote, the state's Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue said it made North Carolina look like Mississippi.

Does North Carolina, in fact, look like Mississippi when it comes to how it votes?

Rasmussen Reports released a poll yesterday showing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney opening up a 51-43 lead over President Barack Obama among likely voters.

That's not exactly like Mississippi.

Republican John McCain won Mississippi with 56 percent of the vote in the 2008 presidential election.

However, in the 2008 election, then Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama picked up 43 percent of the vote in Mississippi - which does match the Rasmussen poll released yesterday.

President Obama's current polling in North Carolina looks exactly like his election results in Mississippi in the 2008 presidential election.

Also, currently Mississippi has a Republican Governor, Phil Bryant, while North Carolina Governor Perdue is a Democrat. However, Governor Perdue has elected not to seek reelection in 2012, due primarily to her abysmal poll ratings and general consensus that she would have no shot at winning a second term. The most recent polling puts Republican nominee Pat McCrory ahead by 6 points. While it is not guaranteed, most observers consider it likely that after November, North Carolina will increasingly look like Mississippi in terms of which party occupies the Governor's office.

So does North Carolina look like Mississippi when it comes to how it votes, as Governor Perdue claimed?

We rate Perdue's statement, inadvertently mostly true, but incomplete.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama Dropped His Name In Presidential Bios On

Via Commentary, we learned today: Obama Drops His Name Into the Other Presidential Biographies

The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper tweeted that Obama had casually dropped his own name into Ronald Reagan’s official biography on, claiming credit for taking up the mantle of Reagan’s tax reform advocacy with his “Buffett Rule” gimmick. My first thought was, he must be joking. But he wasn’t—it turns out Obama has added bullet points bragging about his own accomplishments to the biographical sketches of every single U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge (except, for some reason, Gerald Ford).

Oh, no he di'int.

Oh, yes, yes he did.

Some will claim that the edits to the biographies on were just some staffers, Obama didn't know, stop trying to stop the buck with him.

Oh really?

Obama Edits

Click to enlarge. It appears Obama is working on Bill Clinton's bio in the shot.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

That's So 116,985,600 Seconds Ago

Obama gave an important speech in Reno yesterday. At least, I assume it was important - if the President of the United States took time out of his schedule to give a speech it must be important.

He spoke to a crowd of . . . dozens?

My how things have changed.

2008 v 2012

Are You Judged By The Color of Your Skin More Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

We've come full circle, haven't we?

This is a now famous sign at a tea party rally a few years back:

And this week we learned about this:

House Democrats received training this week on how to address the issue of race to defend government programs, according to training materials obtained by The Washington Examiner.

The prepared content of a Tuesday presentation to the House Democratic Caucus and staff indicates that Democrats will seek to portray apparently neutral free-market rhetoric as being charged with racial bias, conscious or unconscious.

That early tea party sign was prophetic, no? Democrats are all but conceding its point. We might as well expect to see this sign at Obama rallies:

How the Left Views the Right

Once upon a time, four years ago, America was told a story about a post-racial would-be president.

Turns out that was pure fantasy -- not a dream rooted in the history of Martin Luther King, Jr -- and we are perhaps an even more racial-conscious society than we were then. And Democrats are looking to exploit that fact for electoral gain.

And Now For A Message From President Obama To Those Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Obama's Message to Those Who Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Friday, May 11, 2012

Biden Out A Little Over His Skis

Obama on Biden having forced his hand to complete his evolution on gay marriage before the optimum moment to do so as politically calculated by his campaign:

I had already made a decision that we were going probably take this position before the election and before the convention. He probably got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit.

Biden Out A Little Over His Skis

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Who Would Have Guessed That Not Everyone In Hollywood Likes Obama's Class Warfare?

I'd like to say "I hate to say 'I told you so'", but I'm not sure I can in good conscience.

Comedian Jon Lovitz doesn't like Obama. He's made his view very, very clear:

"This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f**king bulls**t. And I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat. What a f**king a**hole."*

“First they say … ‘You can do anything you want. Go for it.’ So then you go for it, and then you make it, and everyone’s like, ‘F**k you,’” Lovitz said. “[Obama] is the perfect example. He’s amazing. He had nothing … and the guy ends up being at Harvard. He’s the president of the United States. And now he’s like, ‘F**k me and everybody who made it like me.’”

He defended his words on Piers Morgan's show on CNN, leading AllahPundit to ask:

Exit question: Near the end, he tells Morgan that a lot of his Hollywood pals are disenchanted with Obama. Really? He means that they’re disenchanted because O isn’t quite liberal enough, right?

Fair question. But then via Hot Air we find that Lovitz went on Bill O'Reilly's show last night. I don't readily see a transcript available, so let me do it myself...

O'Reilly: The reaction to live in Hollywood, you know you're in the show business world -- most people there support Barack Obama, and they not only support him, they idolize him. What kind of reaction have you gotten from this?

Lovitz: Well, almost everybody agrees with me ... and most of my friends are Democrats, you know I'm a Democrat, but yeah, they agree. They say, "hey, I work really hard and pay a lot of taxes," because it's not true. And I think it's just a divisive way to appeal to the masses to get votes. And it's just blatant and obvious.


O'Reilly: So you haven't taken any heat from the pinheads out there? And they're secretly, steathily supporting you.

Lovitz: My career ... I'm getting job offers left and right -- it's having no effect.

This prompts AllahPundit to respond:

the answer to the lingering question in my post yesterday about what Lovitz meant when he said his celebrity pals had soured on O. I took that to be a standard liberal critique: They elected Obama to raise taxes and institute single-payer and bring home all the troops immediately, blah blah blah. Not so, if you believe JL. Turns out rich leftists, at least of the Hollywood variety, aren’t thrilled with the class-warfare demagoguery lately either.

Looks like a pretty good time to put up the video I put together after Obama's infamous "But I do think at a certain point, you've made enough money."

Saturday, May 5, 2012

On This Date In 2008

It was on May 5, 2008 that the infamous photo of domestic terrorist and Obama pal Bill Ayers stepping on the American flag begain spreading throughout the internet:

Actually, it was on May 4, 2008 that the photos from the 2001 article in Chicago Magazine were given life by blogger Marathon Pundit. But it was once the likes of Hot Air and Michelle Malkin and NR's Campaign Spot and many others linked it on May 5 that the world became aware of it.

Ayers infamous quote, "guilty as sin, free as a bird" was also part of this article.

In the end, most voters concluded, "I don't care, Obama is awesome" in the 2008 election.

And here we are.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Troubling Jobs Report

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

The April jobs report fell short of analysts expectations, as only 115,000 jobs were added. Consensus expectations had been in the 165K-170K range, which still would have been below the rate jobs were added in February, January, and December. While the jobless rate dropped slightly, the number of jobs added came in short of March’s disappointing level [...]

So how did the jobless rate drop? The same way it’s been dropping all along — people exiting the workforce:

The civilian labor force participation rate declined in April to 63.6 percent, while the employment-population ratio, at 58.4 percent, changed little.

That’s a new 30-year low in the participation rate.

Time to reprise this old post from January 2011:

People are dropping out of the work force? Leaving the labor force? Giving up looking for work?

That's unpossible.

Michelle Obama flatly told us:

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.


Attention all discouraged workers: Obama requires that you not be. Get back to work.

It's only gotten worse since then. From zerohedge:

In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to 88,419,000. This is the highest on record. The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%.

Remember, this is the environment in which Obama's big campaign slogan is "Forward". We're at a "30 year low" in labor particpation as it is. By resolutely moving forward -- and in the current direction -- it would seem Obama's goal is to reach "unprecedented".

Obama 2012
Forward: Precipice Be Damned!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Does 1/32nd Look Like?

The Elizabeth Warren Cherokee heritage story looks like fun. Here are a few posts at Just One Minute to entertain you. Tom Maguire gives us this quote:

Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren climbs the family tree and finds a Native American in the upper branches:

A record unearthed Monday shows that Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has a great-great-great grandmother listed in an 1894 document as a Cherokee, said a genealogist at the New England Historic and Genealogy Society.

The shred of evidence could validate her claim that she has Native American ancestry, making her 1/32 American Indian, but may not put an end to the questions swirling around the subject.

I decided to to a text based representation of what 1/32nd looks like from an ancestral mix standpoint. First, I came up with this:

| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | White |
| White | White | White | Indian |

Then I decided to come up with a more family tree looking representation. The problem is, to get to Great Great Great Grandmother, as is the case with the point at which Warren can claim Native American ancestry, the tree is waaaaay to wide to fit on a blog. So fellow JOM commmenter Extraneus came up with this. Each column with a W is a generation (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc).

W = White; I = Indian:

W/ \
W\ / \
  W   \
W/     \
W\     / \
  W   /   \
W/ \ /     \
    W       \
W\ /         \
  W           \
W/             \
W\             / \
  W           /   \
W/ \         /     \
    W       /       \
W\ / \     /         \
  W   \   /           \
W/     \ /             \
        W               \
W\     /                 \
  W   /                   \
W/ \ /                     \
    W                       \
W\ /                         \
  W                           \
W/                             \
                        Elizabeth Warren
W\                             /
  W                           /
W/ \                         /
    W                       /
W\ / \                     /
  W   \                   /
W/     \                 /
        W               /
W\     / \             /
  W   /   \           /
W/ \ /     \         /
    W       \       /
W\ /         \     /
  W           \   /
W/             \ /
W\             /
  W           /
W/ \         /
    W       /
I\ / \     /
  W   \   /
W/     \ /
W\     /
  W   /
W/ \ /
W\ /

Be honest - did you spot the I on the first time through?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama Figuratively Bombs On Subject That Members Of The Occupy Movement (Which Obama Supports) Literally Want to Bomb

Two items of note.

First, Obama gets called out for lying in a speech Monday to the Building and Construction Trades Department conference about Republicans not wanting to fix bridges.

Second, people who have ties to Occupy Cleveland were caught trying to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, which spans the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and carries a four-lane highway.

Which brings to mind this Obama statement regarding the Occupy Movement: "The most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership letting people know that we understand their struggles and we are on their side."

So to sum up:

•Republicans don't want to fix bridges, Obama does.

•Obama supports the Occupiers.

•Occupy has within its members, those who want to blow up bridges.

But hey, we might be dealing with a Broken Windows situation here. The more bridges Occupy can blow up, the more federal spending we'll need to repair them -- thus the more we will stimulate the economy and put construction workers back to work! Hey, maybe that explains why Obama was friends with Bill Ayers. It was macro-economic policy.

Maybe Obama secretly wants the Occupiers to succeed in blowing up bridges to help stimulate the economy.

Speaking of being reminded of past Obama statements, let's reprise this one, coupled with his statement about Occupy:

You go into these towns in Ohio like Cleveland and, like a lot of towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for my 3 1/2 years and promises of magic green jobs have proven to be a lie. And they fell through in 2009, and 2010 and 2011 and with my policies there really is no hope for 2012 or beyond and yet I keep saying that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to bombs designed to blow up bridges ... as a way to explain their frustrations.

The most important thing we can do right now is those of us in leadership letting people know that we understand their struggles and we are on their side.