Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From the Department of Counterintuitivity

Jim Geraghty tweeted this morning:

According to NBC/WSJ poll, 9% of Americans say they have seen or heard too little from Obama so far in his presidency.

You may not have guessed this, but I am in that group!

A very exclusive group, I might add.

But why?

Well, sure, because I oppose Obama, think he's on the verge of becoming greatly overexposed (don't worry, I've already identified saying "Obama's overexposed" as racist, so you don't have to) in the eyes of many voters.

But even more than that obviously politically partisan reason?

There exists a very selfishly personal reason.

You see, every time Obama gives a speech, my blog traffic goes up nearly five-fold because as of this moment I am the third [update: now second!, but I won't keep updating, it may change at various points over time] highest result for the Google search "Obama speech summary" (the search points to this very old post on Obama's Big Speech on Race from the campaign).

More Speeches!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Note to Big Insurance

I don't want this to come across as ungrateful. Really, you enrich my life in so many ways, that a complaint like this seems almost petty.

But please, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you stop sending my reimbursement for opposing ObamaCare in giant checks. The banks won't cash them.

Payday: Big Insurance, Giant Check

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Word Cloud: Obama's Joint Session of Congress Appearance

Anyone paying attention to the current health care/insurance reform debate knows about Obama's appearance before a joint session of Congress September 9th. I figured it wouldn't hurt to do a word cloud from the event (transcript here).

Note that unlike most word clouds, this one measures not just word count, but also guages the impact of contextual elements outside of Obama's words themselves -- such as the positive (applause) and, uh, negative feedback he receive.

This is how it looks:

Word Cloud: Obama's Joint Session of Congress Appearance


The Indefatigable George Washington

He made quite a splash at the 9/12 rally. And last we saw him, George Washington was indicating his disapproval of Obama's entire cabinet.

Now he's singling Obama out.

He just won't let it go.

The Indefatiguable George Washington

President Barack Obama speaks about the U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland, that had deeply angered Russia, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2009, in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House in Washington, and gets instant feedback. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak/minor edit, TheVIMH)

Nor should he.

What. You wanna argue with George Washington? He's flippin' George Washington, man. Absolute Moral Authority.

Photo "on loan" from Outside the Beltway. Yes, yes the scare quotes are there to indicate that I did not "ask permission". Ok, fine, I stole it.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Disapproval of Obama and His Cabinet

You saw the poster at the 9/12 rally.

Washington wasn't content just to leave it there. Now he's going after Obama and his entire cabinet:

Obama's Cabinet

(h/t RWSparkle for the original photo)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Obama Doctrine in Action

Tragically, the events in Honduras have proved as fleeting as summer as far as our national attention span goes. Even more tragically, the way the Obama adminstration has handled the US response is nothing short of, well, tragic.

Via Jay Nordlinger at the Corner we have this report from Reuters:

TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) - Honduran de facto ruler Roberto Micheletti said on Saturday the United States has revoked his visa to pressure him to step down and reinstate exiled President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a June military coup.

Micheletti, however, was defiant of the latest move by Washington, which said earlier this month it was cutting more than $30 million in aid to the poor Central American country.

"We will not back down. Dignity does not have a price in our country," Micheletti told Honduran radio.

That word, "dignity". Interesting, that.

During last year's campaign, The American Prospect produced a long and detailed piece on The Obama Doctrine. In it author Spencer Ackerman posits:

Obama is offering the most sweeping liberal foreign-policy critique we've heard from a serious presidential contender in decades.

And getting to the heart of The Obama Doctrine the piece states:

I spoke at length with Obama's foreign-policy brain trust, the advisers who will craft and implement a new global strategy if he wins the nomination and the general election. They envision a doctrine that first ends the politics of fear and then moves beyond a hollow, sloganeering "democracy promotion" agenda...

Well. If anything, the Obama administration is certainly not promoting Democracy in Honduras, so mission accomplished of a sort on that front. In fact, in trying to pressure Honduras to accept the return of former president Zelaya, they are working against the very nature of Honduran democracy.

So, they are against "democracy promotion" because it is hollow sloganeering, and in its place they are: favor of "dignity promotion," to fix the conditions of misery that breed anti-Americanism and prevent liberty, justice, and prosperity from taking root.

There's that word, "dignity".

However, in its efforts to remove the dignity of Honduras and its current President Roberto Micheletti, the Obama administration has indeed shown that is is moving beyond hollow sloganeering.

As I predicted at the time this American Prospect article came out, the Obama administration has descended into utterly vapid sloganeering.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


MICRO: Funemployment!

MACRO: Funrecovery!

The president’s chief economic adviser warned Friday that the nation’s unemployment rate could stay “unacceptably high” for years to come — a situation that would seriously complicate Barack Obama’s ability to convince Americans that he’s beating back the recession.

“The level of unemployment is unacceptably high,” National Economic Council Director Larry Summers said Friday. “And will, by all forecasts, remain unacceptably high for a number of years.”

Well. Nobody is calling an "L-shaped" lack of recovery "fun". Yet. But somebody, somewhere, soon will. Obama is President and Democrats do control congress, afterall.

By the way...

# of Google hits for "funemployment": "Results 1 - 10 of about 384,000 for funemployment"

# of Google hits for "funrecovery": "Results 1 - 10 of about 67 for "funrecovery"
(all of which appear to be various sites offering to register, none as a reference to the economy)

I believe that I am first.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

" almost every respect, the opposite of what he portrays himself to be..."

I've largely abandoned the whole blogging thing. Yes, I still am roused now and again by polls and possibilities for photoshops. Otherwise, I do a lot of reading about politics, but have little to say about it.

Yet every once in awhile, I come across something that catches my eye. In this case, reading Peter Wehner at Contentions, I am compelled to drag my old hobby horse back up onto my old soap box and revisit that which most motivated and irked me about last year's campaign.

Wehner writes in reaction to Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress:

It is not enough for Obama to repeat his false claims, day after day, speech after speech. No, he must also portray himself as America’s Socrates, our voice of reason amidst the angry mob, an intrepid truth teller, a singularly unifying and visionary figure, and a man astonishingly free from the ideological baggage that defines his critics. He views himself as the adult in a world of children.

This is all quite silly. Obama is, in almost every respect, the opposite of what he portrays himself to be. He is a divisive, polarizing figure, among the most divisive and polarizing we have ever seen. He has shown no interest at all in reaching across the aisle and working with the opposition party. He is an orthodox liberal through and through. He denigrates his critics and questions their motives. He has made the health-care debate more muddled, more confused, and less honest. He has hardened the disdain many Americans have toward their government. And he is increasing cynicism among the polity.

Ah yes, cynicism. I may never be able to let that one go. In what I think echoes Wehner's observation from yesterday, I will repost an observation of mine from yester(last)year:

I don't believe for one second that Obama is just an ordinary political opportunist.

Take everything that Obama lays out in his grandiose verbiage...hope, change, end of cynicism, heal racial division, reach across the aisle, end corruption, end special interests, new politics in Washington, etc, etc, etdamncetera.

And then match it up to his record, his actions, and the lack thereof. He believes and acts in the exact opposite manner of what he is selling.

It is no ordinary political opportunist that could cast such a spell over so many people for so long while doing this.

And to reiterate, it is no accident that he has done this. It is a carefully constructed strategy in an attempt to delegitimize any and all criticism:

Listen, I will leave it to [others] to go into the details of the whole Obama as Alinsky-ite thing.

I am just a poor small town BS sniffer.

And as lefty Oliver Willis quipped about Obama, Smells Like a Movement. Oh, yeah a big movement. A toilet-stopping, get-the-plunger, why-didn't-you-courtesy-flush, where-the-hell are-the-matches movement.

Obama's "fight against cynicism" is BS (yes, a movement). I've played with the whole thing for a year now. Being cute, hit and runnish with pointing out Obama cynicism in the name of ending it.


Obama's fight against cynicism is not just mere rhetoric. It is an attempt to create for himself and aura of infallibility.

He is above the normal cynical attempt to gain power -- or cynical attempt to retain power. ::cough::bullshit::cough::

He is all about the change/hope/unity/on our way to yeswecanville.

Do you disagree with Obama?You are cynical.

And cynicism is a threat as great as terrorists -- and is a rival greater than any Dem/Repub or Red/Blue or Lib/Conservative divide. ::cough::bullshit::cough::

The man isn't spouting platitudes because he wants everyone all lovey dovey, Oprahfied and empowered.

He wants everyone powerless.

Michelle: "[Obama] is going to demand that you shed your cyncism".

Obama wants unity. To disagree with Obama is a lack of unity. Any lack of unity is cynicism. And cynicism is as big an enemy as terrorists.

Shed your cynicism (agree with Obama) or you are a terrorist.

And finally:

When Barack Obama says he wants to end the divisiveness in politics, I believe him. When Obama says he wants to bring about unity, I believe him. When Obama says he wants to work for a new politics free from bitter partisanship, I believe him. When Obama says he wants to have vigorous debate, a robust discussion or a national dialogue to bring this about, I believe him -- to be lying.


[I]f Obama's strategy continues to be successful, the media will shield him from the tough questions and criticism. Because there is no bitter partisanship where there is no discussion of the issues, and there is no divisiveness without debate. Obama is not seeking a dialogue in this campaign to bring about unity; rather, a monologue. Obama wants you silent - unless you agree with him, or until enough people do that your voice is no longer heard.

Unfortunately, Obama rode his strategy all the way to the White House. Fortunately, the veil has been lifted and he has encountered and is encountering resistance that is no longer able to be delegitimized by his word alone. And that resistance is becoming increasingly effective in opposing his efforts. May it continue to grow and succeed.