Friday, February 29, 2008

"...the Democrats could be in trouble come November"

I had shelved this. But what the hell, since Instapundit used this:
THE LATEST PEW POLL ON IRAQ has J.D. Johannes saying "I told you so!"

Here's the unshelved original...

Powerline’s take on that Pew Poll making the rounds:

    This Pew poll on Americans' attitudes toward Iraq, via Hot Air, is interesting. In my opinion, the most significant finding is this one:

    If Americans really expect us to win in Iraq by a 53% to 39% margin, the Democrats could be in trouble come November, since they are irrevocably committed to defeat.

Someone else has been trying to say that, too.

[VIMH: You said you would be different -- that you wanted to bring change -- that you would not succumb to the old way of doing things in the blogosphere. Yet here you are cynicially using one of the biggest blogs out there two posts in a row -- and NOW INSTAPUNDIT!!! I’m so disillusioned.]

Good point! But really it wasn’t about Powerline (or Instapundit) at all. All I really wanted was to point out a couple of American Thinker blogs I did premised on the idea that 2008 might be hard on the Democrats in November.

[VIMH: Oh, got it. So you weren’t cynically trying to climb on the backs of blogospheric giants. You were just cynically using them to pimp your own material.]


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