Wednesday, February 18, 2009

President OPUD

In a post about Obama’s plan to announce his plan to help struggling homeowners, Hugh Hewitt gives us this:

But a repeat of last week's ambiguity about the banks will add another layer of evidence to the president's growing reputation for overpromising and underdelivering.

Yes, the promise that “…my treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, will be announcing some very clear and specific plans”, quickly turned into the delivery of the skeleton of an outline to an introductory summary of a potential plan that we're just starting because we scrapped the first one.

And as for the "growing reputation", well, hopefully someone else will create the exhaustive catalogue of Obama’s Over Promise and Under Deliverance – we’ll just name a few off the top of our head…

  • Order the close of Guantanamo in my first 100 days! Well, once we’ve done that, we’ll leave it open as we spend a year or so studying what to do with all those detainees.

  • All combat troops out of Iraq in 16 months! Or not.

  • Enhanced interrogations out! Or not.

  • Renditions out! Or not.

  • Secret CIA prisons out! Or not.

  • No lobbyists in my administration! Or a few whole bunch.

  • The most open and transparent administration evah! Or, one that’s not even as open and transparent as President Bush’s.

  • My stimulus plan will create or save 4 million jobs! Or maybe 3.5 million.

  • And specifically, my stimulus plan will let Caterpillar rehire recently laid of employees! Or, well, maybe not.

  • Sunlight before signing: all bills will be posted on the White House website for five days so the public can read the bills before I sign them! Or a few hours. Or not at all.

  • Oh, and we must pass that Stimulus bill before the world as we know it ends! What? It’s passed? Oh, good, I’ll get to it right after I have a little time off in Chicago.

And on and on and on...

Back in July, we made his observation at American Thinker about how Obama's career was a Perpetual, Never-Ending, Eternal Campaign:

Obama's entire life is centered around successfully running for office *and* running from anything and everything else that might compromise his efforts to get in or stay there.

There's only one problem.

None of that provides any evidence that he could run the country. In fact, it argues against it.

We may one day tire of saying "I Told You So", but today is not that day.

President OPUD

President OPUD

Over Promise and Under Deliver

MORE: From NRO, Charles Krauthammer takes up the idea of Obama as President OPUD as it relates to the homeowner bailout (emphasis mine):

But the problem I have with Obama is not the plan itself, but the way he packages and presents. He is always on the stump. He is always promising.

Look at what he said-"The program will not reward folks who bought homes that they knew from the beginning they would never be able to afford."

Now, that obviously is a statement that can't be true. How are you going to ascertain if somebody purchased a house knowing in advance he couldn't afford it? Are you going to put him before an A-Rod press conference? Are you going to have them sit before the Illinois House Impeachment Committee?

Maybe we bring them all to Guantanamo, which is going to be empty, we're told, and have good interrogations there.

He is making a promise he knows is a false one. He does it because it garners applause, as it did today, and because it's demagogic.

It's a good plan, but I wish he would stop campaigning and govern in a way that doesn't overpromise, as he is wont to do.

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  1. Backwards, that's DUPO (Duped Oh!) for the folks who voted for him.