Saturday, May 2, 2009

Air Ball

As is true of him in so many ways as a President, in basketball, Obama comes up short.

Obama: Air Ball

(click the image to enlarge)


  1. Why is that hoop 20 feet high?

  2. The hoop is the normal 10 ft high- obama is shrinking due to his incompetence... soon he will be his own action figure, given his complete inability to do the job.

  3. Why is that hoop 20 feet high?It doubles as Michelle's scratching post.

  4. you do the fucking job then chicago. how about everyone who didn't run for president and get elected shut the fuck up. if you can do it better or have any tips that won't make you look like a sore asshole, please feel free to run for government office or at least post your ideas - america is waiting.

  5. /agreed with the above post. every person in history who has made change come about has done it by getting up and making something happen. do you think the founding fathers of this country would have laid the foundation of this country with blogs about england encroaching on their civil rights, had they internet access? no. get off your ass and let public office stand in place of your pointless comments.

  6. anonymous,
    get a new argument instead of retreading the chickenhawk argument of yesteryear. you're changing "you can't set policy for the military unless you served in combat" to "you can't criticize the president unless you run for office". bullshit.

    obama has been striving for this job since he got out of harvard, he could have at least taken the time to learn how to do the job.

  7. Bush's fault...

    Political Wrinkles

  8. To anonymous who is waiting for our ideas...

    First he should attempt to make it a jump shot and not be lazy or under the assumption he can "change" the will of the basketball rim into letting the ball in. YES WE CAN!


    You know who had resistance at first but then was embraced by the people...Che.

    I wonder if he could shoot hoops better than our "Commander in Choke"...I mean Chief.

  9. Chicago Idler is dead-on - you can tell by the 'shut the fuck up' anonymous douchebag's rant from May 3rd.

    Sounds like the douchebag's been getting its ass handed to it for giving us this socialist clown. Good job, douchebag!

    Here's my idea - don't elect a community organizer from the criminally-run state of IL to ANY post in gummint. The problem with suggestions like this is that there are too many hopey-changey morons that pay no attention to them.

  10. who would make a better president and why didn't we vote them in office? this is assuming the "president" (individually or as a cabinet) runs the country and has a significant effect in the outcome of policymaking.