Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Filibuster Kagan . . . For The Children!!!

I have almost nothing to say on the Elena Kagan nomination.


Over at Just One Minute, we were treated to an image of a young Kagan readying herself to hit a softball.

MarkO at JOM comments:

Bat at wrong angle. It should point toward the pitcher. Bat likely to be under the ball and not able to strick the ball with any force. Basically, pushing the ball if she can hit it at all. Hands to far from body. This makes for a poor swing path. Back elbow too high. This fits in perfectly with a swing that goes low to high with no power. Front elbow prevents hitting anything inside with any force. Hips already open (don't go there). Face of watch, under. A secret sign, no doubt.

I responded at JOM to the estimable MarkO, and will reproduce it here.....

While you astutely point out all the hitting flaws of the Kagan Stance, I think you miss the fundamental lesson of the photo of Kagan At The Bat.

She's. Not. Wearing. A. Helmet.

We simply cannot confirm someone to the Supreme Court of the United States who would send such a reckless message to the youth of America.

Hell, even Obama wore a helmet when he went bike riding.

(Of course that was 2008, when he was running for president. Once in office, however, not so much...)

Further, while I am the last person to claim that photos of the nominee are dispositive, I think I am on fairly solid ground [note: that's a Boston Globe image] when I say that Elena Kagan has probably consumed more than her fair share of trans fat and high fructose corn syrup items over the years.

Let's Move? What does Michelle Obama think about this nominee?

"In Elena Kagan's America, kids will eat junk food and traipse across the ballfields of America unprotected from the dangers of hard spherical objects projected about..."

Filibuster Kagan . . . For The Children!!!

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