Friday, July 23, 2010

The FEC Messes With Joe

Remember back in 2008 when Obama's claim to executive experience was that he managed a big honkin' campaign? Good times.

Well, that would make Biden's claim to executive experience that he too managed a campaign! One that was 2/3rds the size of . . . Wasilla.

In all, Biden, who dropped out of the race after coming in fifth in the Iowa caucuses and was tapped eight months later to be Barack Obama’s running mate, received $857,000 in taxpayer money for his campaign, which raised $8.2 million from individual contributions, according to the report.

The 2/3rds claim isn't mine. It's Obama's:

"My understanding is that Gov. Palin's town, Wasilla, has I think 50 employees," Obama told CNN on Sept. 1, 2008. "We've got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12-million dollars a year"

Speaking of Biden running his campaign, apparently he ran it so well that he was fined $219K last Friday for campaign violations:

The Federal Election Commission has penalized Vice President Joe Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign $219,000 for accepting over-the-limit contributions and a discounted flight on a jet owned by a New York hedge fund. His campaign was also charged with sloppy record-keeping.

Sloppy record-keeping? Accepting illegal contributions? Accepting a gift from special interests? On Wall Street? Yike!

Well, at least Obama wouldn't put Joe in charge of overseeing stimulus spending or anything.

Wait. What?

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  1. when someone hates someone, they can come up with all kinds of excuses why.