Saturday, January 29, 2011

Comparing Obama With Past Presidents

Time Magazine has put a photoshopped image of Obama and Ronald Reagan palling around on the cover of its latest issue.

Not a particularly original device, appropriating the image and memory of a past popular president in hopes of building up Obama's image.

A look back on some past cases...

Obama and Washington:

Obama and FDR:

Obama and JFK:

Obama and Lincoln:

But for my money, Michael Ramirez gets much closer to the real Obama -- and which past presidents he can most realistically be compared with.

Obama and Nixon:

Obama and Carter:

Of course, as Glenn Reynolds has told us, Obama as Jimmy Carter is at this point a "best case scenario".

UPDATE: Hat Tip Clarice, here is Big Fur Hat/Irony Curtain at iOwntheWorld with the flip side to that Time Obama-Reagan cover:

Reagan putting a "Rotten Marxist" sign on Obama's back .... Brilliant!


  1. bigfurhat at Iowntheworld has a good take off on the Time cover--you can see it at American thinker today.

  2. Fantastic post, Jeff. Excellent work!!!! Chubby

  3. It all adds up to the fact that he can't stand on his own two feet.