Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grading Palin Vs The Media

So the media went nuts over the release of Sarah Palin's emails from her time as Governor of Alaska.  As an example, here's a headline from the New York Daily News (via JammieWearingFool):
I wonder if anyone has put a grade level on Anthony Weiner's tweets?
Now to be fair, the article -- unlike the headline -- is fairly balanced.  In it we find this:
It turns out Palin's writing skills are still better than most educated Americans. Global Language Monitor gave Palin's emails a score of 8.2, which actually exceeds that of most chief executives.
So as chief executive of the state of Alaska, her emails scored higher than most other chief executives.
Also the name "Global Language Monitor" rang a bell.  Remember the 2008 VP debate?
(CNN) -- An analysis carried out by a language monitoring service said Friday that Gov. Sarah Palin spoke at a more than ninth-grade level and Sen. Joseph Biden spoke at a nearly eighth-grade level in Thursday night's debate between the vice presidential candidates. ...
Grade level: Biden, 7.8; Palin, 9.5
Ah, those were the days.
But wait!  There's more!  I left off the parenthetical that followed that last part.
Because it's the kicker:
(Newspapers are typically written to a sixth-grade reading level.)
Sarah Palin writes her emails two grades higher than journalists write their articles. 

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