Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old and Busted: End Tax Breaks For Corporate Jet Owners New Hotness: Extend Tax Breaks For Corporate Jet Owners

It seems like it was just yesterday that Obama was decrying "tax breaks for corporate jet owners". It wasn't. It was the end of June.

But it was just yesterday that news leaked about what would be in Obama's prime time Thursday pivot speech to jobs, jobs, jobs (h/t Ace).

You know what's reported to be part of his plan?

Extending the tax break for corporate jet owners:

Obama also is expected to continue for one year a tax break for businesses that allows them to deduct the full value of new equipment. The president and Congress negotiated that provision into law for 2011 last December.

Here's a reminder of Obama's old and busted view on "tax breaks for corporate jet owners":

Now that's Change Pivot You Can Believe In!


  1. Glenn Reynolds credits Warren Buffet, whose Berkshire owns a company that manages private jets among companies that buy part (aka, fractional) ownership in them.

    I personally think that Oprah "It’s great to have a private jet" Winfrey wispered in his ear.

  2. I suppose next year Obama will have to be traveling on much smaller corporate jets than the one he rides now.
    The dude will say anything for a vote.

  3. Let me see. He was for it and then against it before he was for it again.

    He's taking his Kerry to another whole new level!

  4. We've always been at war with Eastasia....

  5. Look for the hand inside the sock, not the sock puppet.

    When someone really wants Obama to have an opinion, they tell him what it is.

  6. If I were a liberal, I'd be pretty disgusted with this guy about now.

  7. That tax 'break' is really pretty lame in the first place. My understanding is that as a Capital Expense, you would normally write it off over several years and the break is that you don't have to wait. SO the only real savings is the cost of funding the investment for a few years. With interest rates so low, that isn't really much of a savings.