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The Democratic Convention *Was* Just Last Week, You Know

The media has pushed the narrative, as dutiful apparatchiks of the Obama administration, that the explosion of protests in the Middle East and North Africa was caused by a relatively unheard of, unknown, and previously almost unwatched movie trailer on youtube.

What if this eruption of violent protests was caused by something else entirely?

JustOneMinute is very fortunate to have a commenter who goes by the name of Daddy. Daddy travels for work around the globe and has given numerous dispatches on his adventures. He often bemoans the fact that airports give him no choice other than CNN to watch. He also relays to us what's on tv at his hotels in his exotic (or not) locations. On the night of the Democratic National Convention in which the delegates were given a voice vote on re-including God and Jerusalem in the platform, Daddy was watching Al Jazeera and told us about the coverage on JustOneMinute in a series of three comments.

These are his stories.


Al Jazirah News is showing video of the DNC Convention adding the word "Jerusalem" as the Capital of Israel and also the word "God" being added to their party platform. It is showing the voice vote amendment procedure going through 3 voice votes, with their cameras focusing on upset DNC delegates under an "Arab-American" banner hollering "No."

The takeaway from the Al Jazirah feed to the average Al Jazirah viewer is that it is obvious the word "Jerusalem" should not have passed as it didn't win the voice vote, but the guy doing the voice vote measure at the podium (Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) just went ahead and said it passed anyway.

Now it is video of Bill Richardson, Former New Mexico Governor, attempting damage control by saying in an Al-J interview that this is nothing of consequence, move along folks.

You guys must have discussed this in the 400 comments above, but just thought I'd give the perspective from over here.

Will be interesting to see what the local UAE papers say about this in the morning.

Posted by: daddy | September 05, 2012 at 08:21 PM


I have seen it almost non-stop over here on Al-Jazira for the last 40 minutes. They are running their show in a sort of CNN Headline News 30 minute model. It is their top story, so at every break they mention it as their top story and show quick video, then do a longer segment at the beginning of the show.

Now I have just started browsing thru the other Arabic/Islamic News channels. Can't yet tell what they are hollering about but suspect this is one of the topics. Boy, they do a lot of hollering on these channels.

Posted by: daddy | September 05, 2012 at 08:39 PM


Al Jazirah showing the full 3 votes video all over again, with the boos after the final vote, and then commentary.

Al Jazirah reporter saying now that she has verified that Obama personally demanded that the word "God" and the word "Jerusalem" be put back in the Platform.

Obviously seems to show the lie of Dick Durbin yesterday getting angry at Brett Baire for being questioned why God isn't in the platform. Obviously the topic was not a minor one and was therefore 100% legitimate for Brett to ask about. But we already knew that.

Posted by: daddy | September 05, 2012 at 09:07 PM

The Democratic National Convention made a spectacle of the vote. It was clear that the 2/3rds rule to pass a motion by voice vote was not met, but the chair simply deemed that the motion passed. It dealt with an issue terribly inflammatory in the Muslim world -- Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Al Jazeera did everything in its power to whip the Arab Street into a frenzy.

Now a week later embassies and consulates are burned and Americans dead.

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