Monday, April 6, 2009

Above Spider-Man or the Hulk


WALKERTOWN -- Young Matthew Armstrong knew that Saturday would be a big day, since it was the first day of the season for his Little League team.

But Matthew, 8, of Walkertown, didn't know how big the day would be until an announcer called him up to the microphone during the opening ceremony. She asked him where his dad, Frank Marques, was.

"In Iraq," he replied shyly.

And what message would he like to send to Marques?

"That I love him," Matthew said.

The youngster then got his chance to deliver that message in person.

Frank Marques, back home on a two-week leave from his tour of duty with the Army, emerged downfield and walked from first base toward home plate, where Matthew was standing.

Matthew ran out and jumped into Marques' arms, hugging him tight.

And the crowd of hundreds applauded. "He thinks his dad's a hero," said Whitney Marques, Matthew's mother.

"He puts him above Spider-Man or the Hulk."

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  1. Nice posting. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice post. First rate!

    And thank you Frank Marques for serving our country.

    Young Matthew thinks his dad's a hero? Smart kid, huh!

    He is, Matthew. He is.