Wednesday, September 23, 2009

From the Department of Counterintuitivity

Jim Geraghty tweeted this morning:

According to NBC/WSJ poll, 9% of Americans say they have seen or heard too little from Obama so far in his presidency.

You may not have guessed this, but I am in that group!

A very exclusive group, I might add.

But why?

Well, sure, because I oppose Obama, think he's on the verge of becoming greatly overexposed (don't worry, I've already identified saying "Obama's overexposed" as racist, so you don't have to) in the eyes of many voters.

But even more than that obviously politically partisan reason?

There exists a very selfishly personal reason.

You see, every time Obama gives a speech, my blog traffic goes up nearly five-fold because as of this moment I am the third [update: now second!, but I won't keep updating, it may change at various points over time] highest result for the Google search "Obama speech summary" (the search points to this very old post on Obama's Big Speech on Race from the campaign).

More Speeches!

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  1. Read your last 7 blog entries. Well done!

    Just had to thank you for a good laugh!

    Keep up the good work!