Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama speech: summary

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations for Those Who Hold the Hard Bigotry of High Dudgeon

UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson on how Obama’s soft bigotry of low expectations enables the hard bigotry of Wright’s high dudgeon:

The message? Some of us are never quite responsible for what we say. ...

Instead, the entire Wright controversy evolved due to America’s failure to understand the Wright’s past and the present status of race. ...

Obama is right about one thing: We are losing yet another opportunity to talk honestly about race, to hold all Americans to the same standards of public ethics and morality, and to emphasize that no one gets a pass peddling vulgar racism, or enabling it by failing to disassociate himself from its source — not Rev. Wright, not even the eloquent, but now vapid, Barack Obama.

MORE: VDH on how Obama’s soft bigotry of low expectations enables the next round of the hard bigotry of high dudgeon:

Obama has sanctified the doctrines of moral equivalence (the private racial slight is balanced by the televised public hatred; everyone has a pastor in some ways like Wright, etc.) and contextualization (you must understand Wright's context and background; the good that he does; the protocols of the black church, etc.). The result is a lowering of the bar for the next racial outburst, since the perpetrator will immediately resort to the Obama defenses.

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