Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Buck Passer at Heart

Mark Steyn points to this piece by Leslie H Gelb:

It’s not clear whether the bad judgments on priorities, practicalities, and steadiness come from Mr. Obama or his White House team. Maybe he overpowers them in discussions, or maybe he gives them a role in policymaking far beyond their experience in that realm. Unless you’re there, you don’t know. But Mr. Obama is the president, and except for the right-wing crazies, most Americans still recognize his great talents and promise. It is he who’s got to be helped. So it is they who’ve got to go.

True. If we’re not there, we don’t know. We aren’t there. We don’t know.

But is there anything from recent memory that might help us develop a better possible answer than just a guess?


"It wasn't like 'Let's have a discussion.' It was 'One, two, three, four, here's what we're going to do,' "a staffer said. "When things don't go well, [Obama] doesn't yell and scream. He's very prescriptive. Everybody understands this isn't about having a discussion. He's got 99 percent of the voting shares. There's no point in taking a vote."

Unless Obama has given up those voting shares since arriving in the Oval Office that he once commanded at Campaign HQ, we just might have our answer.

Then again, perhaps more likely, the account of Obama as being large and in charge all the time on every topic during the campaign was an exaggeration, a part of the myth-making of Obama 1.0: The omniscient leader who would heal the planet (that’s Steyn again).

But either way, is there any doubt that at some point, though we know not the time nor the place, that Gelb’s prescription (dump a slew of current advisors for New! and Improved! ones) comes true in some form or fashion?

Because, after all, there is something else from recent memory about Obama when things go south: Obama is a buck-passer at heart.

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