Friday, April 23, 2010

Goldman Sachs Loves Democrats

And Democrats love them back.

So, Goldman Sachs is in the news. Please don't ask me to try and explain what's going on. I mean, the SEC is suing them. I know that much. About the only other thing I know is that I Question The Timing.

But the name Goldman Sachs brings back memories of the 2008 election. I did this post, highlighting how Goldman was a much bigger contributor to Obama than McCain, despite the conventional wisdom that it is Republicans in the pockets of Wall Street banks.

After the success of my Exxon logo featuring Obama, I took the opportunity to do the same with the Goldman logo:

Goldman Sachs Loves Obama

Crazy thing is, good friend Jane over at YouTooCongress found the logo useful a few days ago. Only she didn't get it from me -- she got it from her broker. Like she says, "what a small world".

At NRO, Robert Costa runs down the Democrats' relationship with Goldman. "An impressionistic study in cronyism", indeed. Costa concludes his piece:

Close up, it looks disconnected and blurred, but if you step back, the shape of it all falls into focus: Democrats hoard Goldman cash, Goldman hoards Democrats, and the American people lose.

Let's face it, that Goldman-Obama logo was good fun for 2008. But Costa has us convinced, it's time for A New Direction.

So, without further ado, the 2010 Goldman Sachs logo:

Goldman Sachs Loves Democrats

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