Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Goldman Sachs Loves Obama

[UPDATE 10/6/2011: Well whaddya know...an Instalanche! One interesting note - Sharyl Attkisson who filed the report for CBS quoted below from October of 2008 is the CBS reporter who recently came under fire from the Obama administration for her reporting on Fast and Furious in which officials at the White House and DOJ screamed and yelled at her (I unintentionally misspelled her name as Cheryl Atkisson at the time because I was transcribing the video, but have now fixed it). Let's just say that Attkisson has been doing good work for years against the tide of the media in general - I have seen some blogs and commenters suggest that a willingness to report something negative about Obama must be something new to her. It's not.]

And Obama loves them back.

Hot Air points us to a CBS report on Obama's fundraising. Ed Morrissey notes:

However, they did a good job in reporting the fact that Obama likes to rail about Wall Street greed but uses bundlers right out of Goldman Sachs. The disparity in fundraising between McCain and Obama with these well-connected Wall Street firms is eye-opening.


Let's go to the effort to do a little transcription work on that CBS video at Hot Air:

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS Correspondent: Like McCain, Obama's corporate donor list reads like a who's who of the Wall Street collapse, only some are giving more to Obama. Lots more.

Sheila Krumholz, Center for Responsive Politics: The Obama campaign has just vacuumed up the money in this cycle. Specifically from Goldman Sachs, Obama has received over $740,000 as compared to McCain's $220,000.

Attkisson: Not to mention that the former head of Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin, is Obama's chief economic adviser, and two current executives are bundling for him. Bundlers are mega-fundraisers who critics say get special access.

Well. Here we are again. First we had Obama railing about McCain being in the pocket of Big Oil -- and then found out about Obama taking in more campaign donations from Exxon employees than McCain. So we made the logo.

You know where this is heading, right?

Of course you do. It's not a trick question.

Goldman Sachs Loves Obama

Obama has been a model of transparency.

He's transparently phony.


  1. Transparently phony. Indeed.

    Same with "Occupy Petrified Adolescence" -- the movement Vanity Jones presciently touts as the "Autumn" movement of his movement's movement.

    "A movement whose time has come."

    How superior of them to be for 99% of the peoples everywhere and the environment and the movement that has brought the other movements to the movement so corporations could be gathered to stop the corporations. Can you imagine the level of sophistication such thinking requires?

    In the Chinese child-labor factories the begin each day with a rousing song. It's so very democratic. The enlightened lyric translates into English as follows.

    "Arise, arise, arise, millions of hearts with one mind."

    No wonder our proven betters (like Anita Dunn) have such a love for Mao.

    The globalization of 19th Century victorian utopias may be the mother of all globalizations.

    The international social justice movement appears to have fractally produced an endless looping of drum circles. Everywhere the drumbeat of "democracy democracy" because democracy is just not perfected enough. Thus the rote memorization of harpy rhetoric recited in myriad forms of an official "I am better than you because" catechism that would have Alan Watts howling with laughter should he ever get past the dumbfounding irony.

    What would these movementing boobs do should the pious pounding still and honest critical thinking begin?

    Rebels without a clue. No wonder these movements have become today's romper room of perpetually petrified adolescents.

    Our gainfully racketeering post modern universities and their usury partners seem to have little problem producing perfectly formed sinkers. Robbed of scholarly substance and unable to float on their own, these extruded technicians leave with an angry indoctrination.

    Thus the preening, cryptomalicious and co-dependent autocrats of the remarkable Atlanta video where John Lewis though invited was democratically denied the opportunity to speak to the democracy democracy.

    This too was run by petrified adolescents. Their hunger for condescension and conspicuous self-glorification on behalf of helpless others was in full display.

    Such is the kabuki dance to mask their conspiracy to bleed the peoples treasury and torment the innocent public in the name of perfecting them and rescuing the entire world so it may be restored its natural utopian state.

  2. Perhaps Goldman Sachs should be invetigated by the SEC for omitting the Obama White House as a controlled entity in their SEC filings as required by the new regulations since Enron.

  3. "I may not be a 'teabagger',but I sure know how to take care of Goldmans' sacks"

    ~Barokeydoke Hubris Obozo~

    Robbins Mitchell

  4. Robert Rubin, former co-Chairman of Goldman Sachs, was not just an Obama economic advisor. He was Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary. And after leaving the Clinton Administration, took command of Citigroup.