Friday, August 27, 2010

In Defense of Obama as a Movement

In his nightly “Quotes of the Day” post at Hot Air, Allahpundit calls our attention to this Washington Post article:

Michael Kazin, a history professor at Georgetown University, has studied political activism for decades. But two years ago, he thought he was participating in a unique political movement, one not organized against an idea or a war – like most he has seen or been involved with – but in support of a specific candidate: Barack Obama…

But Kazin, like many other liberal activists who once shared that view, says he may have been too optimistic. As conservatives, led by talk show host Glenn Beck, prepare for a rally in Washington on Saturday – another sign of the increased activism on the right since Obama’s election – some liberals say the energy of the campaign on their side has dissipated and is not matching the energy and passion “tea party” activists have captured on the right.

In an interview, Kazin said, “I was a bit optimistic in the glow of victory,” adding that “the campaign had the aura of a movement, but in the light of day it was not a movement.”

Wait. What?

Obama *not* a movement?

I disagree!

The problem for folks such as professor Kazin is that they’re relying on their lying eyes.

I have long maintained that Obama is a movement. It was this Ace of Spades post back in 2008 that convinced me, bringing me into agreement with liberal Oliver Willis:

Obama: Smells Like a Movement

It was at that point that I saw the light recognized the odor:

And as lefty Oliver Willis quipped about Obama, Smells Like a Movement. Oh, yeah a big movement. A toilet-stopping, get-the-plunger, why-didn't-you-courtesy-flush, where-the-hell are-the-matches movement.

Follow your nose. The Obama Movement has been BS all along.

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