Friday, March 11, 2011

He Really Can Be That Stupid

Paul Krugman:

...there are still moments when I find myself saying, “They can’t really be that stupid,” or maybe, “They can’t really think the rest of us are that stupid.”

Tell me about it. Well why don't you lay it out for us -- what stupid stuff are people saying that you want to rebut? have to realize...the nation is not, in fact, “broke.”

Well then you better sit down for this, Paul, because by your calculation this is some seriously stupid stupidity.

C-Span Interviewer: "At what point do we run out of money?"

Interviewee:"Well, we're out of money now."

So Paul, do you think he said it because he's stupid? Or because he thinks you're stupid? Tough question!

Or is it?

Of course, Republicans aren’t the only cynics. As the national debate over fiscal policy descends ever deeper into penny-pinching, future-killing absurdity, one voice is curiously muted — that of President Obama.

Wait. What?

Obama? cynical? Say it isn't so!

In the end, though, it's not so much what he says, but what he does that I'm concerned about. Because Obama says we are broke and yet spends (our!) money like he thinks the stuff just grows on trees. Like kudzu.

Talk about stupid.

Update March 14: E.J. Dionne stands athwart Obama yelling "Krugman!"

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