Friday, April 5, 2013

I Was Wrong

In one of my first forays into the bloggish new media whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I sent an email to Jonah Goldberg at National Review in 2006.

He posted it on the Corner:

It’s way too cute and conspiratorial, but it ain’t altogether crazy either. From a reader:

Wanted to propose a theory about Al Gore and other global warming alarmists. Maybe others have reached this conclusion, but I haven’t seen it.

Was just reading an article [which] starts out profiling Bill Gray, the preeminent hurricane guy. Talks about how he is a global warming skeptic and how he’s pissed at how he’s being treated in the scientific community. Etc.

But then I read this sentence, “In just three, five, maybe eight years, he [Gray] says, the world will begin to cool again.” and it hit me…Holy cow. The global warming alarmists KNOW the earth is going to begin cooling in a few years – and their alarm is that they have to have Kyoto-like programs in place that they can point to as the cause of the cooling.

If they can succeed at this – they effectively control the world. In a few decades they can revive the “earth is cooling and there’s an ice age coming” alarmism – and prescribe policies that ensure they have the power they want to manage that impending climate disaster.

For years now I have taken umbrage at Jonah calling me "not altogether crazy". I expressly aim to be exactly altogether crazy.

Anyway, I was waaaaay off base in that 2006 prediction. I was wrong. The Global Warming crowd didn't react to Bill Gray's accurate prediction of a pause in global warming -- indeed a cooling -- with some measure of crowing about how their efforts helped bring it about. Nope. They've just moved from the oh so restrictive "Global Warming" label to Climate Change. If it rains? Global Climate Warming Change! If there's a drought? Global Climate Warming Change! If it snows, if it hails, if it neither snows nor hails? Global Climate Warming Change! It rained in Dubuque! Ahaaaaa!!! It was dry in Dalhart! Proofiness!!!!!

If the temperature today is hotter than yesterday, then Climate Change! And if the temperature is cooler? ZOMG! CLIMATE CHANGIER!!!!!

I was naive in 2006. I was wrong. The earth has cooled, just like Dr. Gray predicted. But the Global Warmerists have no real reason to look at temperatures that diverge from what they predicted and pretend that that matters at all. The religion of Global Warmerism needs no empirical evidence, after all, it only needs faith.

There is a lot of faith -- much greater than a mustard seed -- going on up here in the Church of the Global Warmerism. And it will take a miracle for any of their predictions to come true.

But so far it's Dr. Gray 1, Global Warmerists 0.
(you can put me down for 0 too)

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