Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Postmortem II

Of course, we all know that the Obama campaign was built upon the theme of Hope and Change. The Audacity of Hope, the Change We Can Believe In.

Worked like catnip amongst Democratic primary voters.

But once out of the primaries, Hope and Change were put on notice.

Whether it was nominating Jim Johnson to head his VP selection committee that signaled his departure from Change (not to mention the assinine VP selection himself, the consumate unchanging Washington insider of consummate assininity), or the entire atmosphere at the Democratic National Convention in Denver that showed his abandonment of Hope, Obama made clear that his primary strategy of Hope and Change in the primaries would take a secondary role in the general election based on Politics as Usual.

But. Now Obama has won. Whatever we may have made of his strategy, it is his strategy that has prevailed.

But whatever happened to the Hope and Change from the early Obama campaign?


Obama Buries Hope and Change

RIP, Hope and Change

Not that many Obama supporters mind, really. Being lied to in the name of electing Obama is a small price to pay, Hope and Change be damned.

Thanks to the incomparable Ann from the JustOneMinute comments community for the pic!

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