Friday, July 17, 2009


Via Peter Wehner at Contentions, we learn:

President Obama remains in a fairly strong -- but no longer commanding -- political position. The RCP poll average of Obama's job approval rating is 56 percent.

We've been watching Obama's numbers at Rasmussen, and have been wrongfully neglecting the RCP poll average. So let's get a snapshot from RCP:

Obama Approval Rating, 7/16/01: 55.8%

Apart from the obvious trend (converging Approval and Disapproval and shrinking Spread), one thing that struck us was the Approval number, 55.8%.

And what do you know, someone else had a 55.8% approval rating at this time in his first term.

Bush Approval Ratings, 7/28/01: 55.8%

But besides the similarities in their approval ratings at this point in their presidencies, Bush had a 31.0% Disapproval rating while Obama's Dissapproval rating is 37.8%. One can rightfully draw on this dissimilarity between Obama and Bush to make this observation:

Obama: Much more unpopular than Bush

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