Sunday, March 7, 2010

Citizens for the Protection Against Abusive Democratic Politicians

The ad below begins:

Are you the wife of a Democratic politician up for re-election this year? Or do you currently work with or for such a man, or know one socially? Have you been paying attention to the polls? To the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts? Have you noticed this man acting nervously, seeming distracted, behaving erratically?

If you are honest with yourself, are you worried he will lose his job?

You should be.

Click the video to watch:

For those who might have gone looking for I know that might get a little confusing, and that it is certainly unorthodox: an ad for an organization that predates the formation of that organization.

OK fine, let's not pretend that CPAADP is anything more than a pretend organization. Because it isn't.

But that's not a concession that there isn't a dire need for such an organization. Because there is.

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