Wednesday, March 17, 2010

He Deems, She Deems, They All Deem so He Can Redeem

I really don't get all this fuss about the House "deeming" the health care bill passed, rather than, you know, actually voting on it.

I mean, the Democrats deem stuff all the time. Let's take a look at some of the more memorable ones...

  • Tim Geithner was “deemed” to have paid his taxes.

  • Charlie Rangel was “deemed” to have satisfactorily complied with House ethics rules.

  • Chris Dodd was “deemed” to have complied with all Senate ethics rules.

  • Barack Obama was “deemed” to have complied with all campaign finance laws.

  • Harry Reid “deemed” the Iraq War lost in 2006.

  • Al Franken was “deemed” to have won the Minnesota Senate election in 2008.

  • Valerie Plame was “deemed” to have been super-covert.

  • A penumbra was “deemed” to have been found in the Constitution in Roe v Wade.

  • And even more, Obama has really been on the forefront of "deeming" things since becoming President...

  • Obama “deemed” Guantanamo be closed within his first 30 seconds in office (or thereabouts).

  • Obama “deemed” 139 billion jobs had been created or saved with the stimulus (or thereabouts).

  • Obama “deemed” that unemployment would not go over 8% if the stimulus passed.

  • Obama “deemed” that not one penny of stimulus money would be wasted.

  • Corollary: Obama “deemed” that nobody messes with Joe.

  • Obama “deemed” that Caterpillar would rehire laid off workers if the stimulus passed.

  • Obama “deemed” he would oversee the most open, honest, transparent government EVAH!

  • Obama “deemed” that Sergeant James Crowley of the Cambridge police department had acted stupidly.

  • Obama “deemed” that we shouldn't meddle in Iran by supporting its citizens protesting a rigged vote and oppressive regime.

  • Obama “deemed” that even during the midst of the brutal crackdown in Iran, Fourth of July hot dog party invitations to Iranian diplomats should not be rescinded.

  • Obama “deemed” that Honduran President Manuel Zelaya's removal was an unconstitutional coup, even though it wasn't a coup and it adhered to Honduras's constitution.

  • Obama “deemed” that Israel should not build any more settlements.

  • Obama “deemed” that the US should get rid of all its nukes.

  • Obama “deemed” that missile defense in Poland should be scuttled.

  • Obama “deemed” that bringing a copy of the proposed health care bill that was being debated in his health care summit constituted using a prop.

  • Obama “deemed” that the time for talk is over and that we aren't campaigning any more, but was unavailable for comment at the time of this post due to being at a health care rally talking about health care reform.

  • See? Really, what's one more "deem" going to mean on top of all that?

    No, but seriously, I firmly oppose ObamaCare in every respect.

    And actually, once we get beyond all this current "deeming", we know there's plenty more where that came from.

    Obama, at his core, firmly believes that it is his purpose ... that this is his time, this is his moment,to redeem us all into "real" Americans, cleansing us of our sin of believing in American Exceptionalism.


    I "deem" both ObamaCare and Obama as president as worthy of failure.

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