Friday, October 29, 2010

The Anatomy of Write-In Chaos in the Alaskan Senate Race

It wasn't my idea. It wasn't my doing. But I did have a hand in the chaos up in Alaska when more than 100 people filed yesterday at the last minute to become write-in candidates in the Alaska Senate race.

Here's how it went down.

Dan Riehl at Big Government put up a post suggesting Alaskans attempt the write-in chaos efforts, giving details on how to properly file.

Ace of Spades picked it up and linked it.

Having read it at Ace's, I ran off to the comments section at Just One Minute, knowing an Alaskan who also comments there named "Daddy".

I was actually being whimsical.

But Daddy took it seriously. Not only did he file himself, he got word out on conservative radio talk show host Dan Fagan's show. That's when the whole thing took off.

I'll let Daddy tell the story as related in the comments at JOM:

What do ya' want first, the good news or the bad?

Okay, here's the bad. I will no longer be running as a Candidate for Senate from the Great State of New York, so if you were expecting to donate to my Campaign fund at McSorley's, just make sure it goes into the new fund labeled Senate Race in Alaska.

The good news. Hit's post above was about trying to get even with the Division of Elections in Alaska and the Alaska Supreme Court, for their mandating that a list of write-in Candidates for Senate in Alaska had to be presented to voters upon request when inside the Polling Place. This is unheard of and criminal, and has ferociously P.O'd folks out here, both Dem's and Repub's.

Hit's link suggested that as many registered and eligible Alaskan voters as possible immediately register as Write In candidates for Alaskan Senator, so that they would have to be included on the list presented in the Polling Place to voters, and hopefully the list would have thousands of names on it, and if in fact names were left out, then lawsuits could be brought as to why not. Heck of an inspired idea if you ask me.

Anyhow, got an address, hopped in the truck with Pup, and whizzed downtown. Had difficulty finding the place, so pulled into the Republican Party Headquarters (a relatively sad bunch) and then headed off to the proper location. It's where I have absentee voted in the past. Went in, found the proper office, and told the girl behind the counter what I wanted to do. She laughed, said I was number 11 today, and promptly and very friendly and very politely, presented me with the form, pulled up on the computer my essentials to verify my credentials, and then time stamped my form, accepting me as a Write In Candidate for Senator from Alaska.

She advised me that all entries had to be in by 5 PM today, as Write-Ins must be registered by 5 PM, 5 days prior to the Election. Then I asked, having seen how easy the process was (and free) could I take some extra forms and pass them out to friends and myself bring them back? She said that would be fine and legal.

Immediately I ran to the truck, dialed Fagan on the Radio Show, and told him what I had just done, how to do it easily (where and when) and said I had a form for him in my truck and I would hustle over and drop it off if he wanted to run for Senate. He said no, (weasel:( but then immediately after my call the next 4 or 5 calls were all excited about the idea, and as he started asking questions about the form from some others who had done it, I called back in and read some answers off the form, and he asked me to run it down to the station. I did, plus included a card from the Election Office which had a website and other info. This opened the floodgates. Calls came in from all over, the word got out, and people all over started driving like crazy over to the Office in Anchorage and Wasilla to register. By now also he had found the proper website with the official form, and had posted it and many folks were filling out the form and officially registering via FAX, and then eventually simply via website.

It suddenly turned into a huge party atmosphere, and by the 4 o'clock hour of his show, hundreds of people were flooding the Election Office, and now the news media were sending out teams to the Polling Office to see what the heck was going on. Folks were calling saying stuff like when they walked into the office there were 4 folks in line and by the time I left there were 0 guys behind me. (When I went in it was just me.)

We also had Lawyer's calling in ready to bring Lawsuits as needed to any of us new Senate Candidates not properly presented on the list etc. A wonderful day of Talk Radio up here (except the damn dog ate the back cover and last Chapter of my "History of Cook Inlet" while I was in trying to give Fagan his paperwork---rotten dog.

I also want to let you know that the State expects problems and challenges to the Absentee Ballot Process. It appears that anyone who asks to see the list in the Polling Room is having their Ballot somehow segregated from others for possible future disqualification challenges, so voters are cautioned to not ask to see the list when voting to avoid possible disqualification in future. We are now told that (at least in Anchorage) it is currently only 1 list and you cannot take it into the Polling Booth with you. Comments from some Polling guy was that they didn't know how exactly to deal with this ruling themselves, so there was a bit of "winging it."
The guy speaking now on Greta's show on FOX about how the list will be handed out is wrong from what I heard today.

Other good news is that 1 of the State Supreme Court Judges who approved this (Dana Fabe) is up for re-election in 5 days and now she has a big red target on her back. Good riddance.

So, all in all a very fun and exciting and positive day up here, all due to that Rabble-rouser Hit & Run! Was great to hear people calling in to Fagan damning him for for pushing this effort as vote tampering etc, and him exploding and going on offense. Was probably 95 % for the effort, 5% opposed, and you could tell the opposed were Lisa callers. Folks really are pissed and rightly so.

Now all I wann'a know is why wasn't I invited to the debate tonight, because I'm a Write-In Candidate just like Lisa Mercowshit.

I want a Lawyer!!!

Posted by: daddy October 29, 2010 at 01:36 AM

Just goes to show you that it's not what you know that's important. It's who you know. And I know an Alaskan Senate Candidate, that's who I know.

UPDATE: Dan Riehl links (thanks!) and gives his take on the events.


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