Thursday, November 4, 2010

2010 Election Nationalized

Anyone else wonder what the overall nationwide vote was in the 2010 elections? I did. But I did not find any sites that had already compiled the results, so I took the numbers from CNN's Election Results page and did so manually.


Total Vote: 63,386,522
Republican: 32,216,814 -- 50.8%
Democrat: 29,127,382 -- 46.0%
Independent/Other: 2,042,316 -- 3.2%

Average Percentage of Votes*:
Republican: 54.1%
Democrat: 43.3%
Independent/Other**: 2.6%

Total Vote: 64,084,839
Republican: 32,120,923 -- 49.6%
Democrat: 30,934,882 -- 47.7%
Independent/Other: 1,749,034 -- 2.7%

Average Percentage of Votes*
Republican: 51.8%
Democrat: 44.2%
Independent/Other**: 4.0%

I would do the same for House races, but the manual effort involved exceeds both the time I have available for such a project and my attention span. In fact, I should also mention

UPDATE: William Galston at TNR does the work I was unwilling to do in counting up House totals...

In the midterm election of 2006, Democrats received 52.0 percent of the popular vote cast for House candidates, while Republicans received 45.6 percent. This year, projections indicate that the Republicans will end up with 51.8 percent, versus 45.1 percent for the Democrats—in short, a Republican gain of 6.2 percent and a Democratic loss of 6.9 percent since 2006.

*Because individual large states like California or Texas can skew the total count and thus the percentages, diluting what the national numbers may show, I took the percentage of votes by party for each state and took a simple average overall.

**Notable Indpendent/Other votes: includes Write-In votes in Alaska (which made up 41.4% of the vote) and Independent Crist in Florida (who received 30.1% of the vote) in Senate races. Includes Independents Cutler and Moody in Maine (who garnered a combined 42% of the vote) and Chaffee in Rhode Island (who won with 38.9% of the vote) in the Governor races.

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