Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Maybe Both First Read And Obama Don't Know North From South Carolina?

Via Jonah Goldberg, here is First Read's list of the top 10 tv political ad markets for the week:

*** 10 hottest TV markets: Here’s our latest installment of the 10 hottest TV markets in the presidential contest (for the week of June 4 to June 10). Some quick notes compared with last week: Norfolk, VA remains the top market; just four states (VA, OH, IA, and NC) are on this top-10 list; Columbus, OH goes from No.4 to No.2; Cedar Rapids, IA goes from No.7 to No.3; Charlotte goes from No.8 to No.5; and Colorado Springs, CO dropped out, meaning no CO markets are on this list.

Hottest Markets for this week 6/4-6/10 and in terms of advertising points:

1. Norfolk-Portsmouth, VA (Romney/1500, Obama/825, Crossroads/630, Priorities/400)

2. Columbus, OH (Romney/1500, Obama/815, Crossroads/600, Priorities/350)

3. Cedar Rapids, IA (Obama/1600, Romney/850, Crossroads/600, Priorities/350)

4. Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA (Romney/1500, Obama/815, Crossroads/750)

5. Charlotte, NC (Romney/1500, Obama/750, Crossroads/600)

6. Richmond, VA (Romney/1200, Obama/575, Crossroads/450, Priorities/350)

7. Greensboro-High Point, NC (Romney/1000, Obama/700, Crossroads/675)

8. Cincinnati, OH (Romney/1200, Obama/600, Crossroads/550)

9. Des Moines, IA (Romney/850, Obama/550, Priorities/500, Crossroads/350)

10. Greenville-Spartanburg, NC (Crossroads/1200, Obama/950)

11. Raleigh-Durham, NC (Romney/900, Crossroads/700, Obama/575)

Yay, we're number 7! Good thing I don't watch much TV.

But take another look at number 10:

10. Greenville-Spartanburg, NC (Crossroads/1200, Obama/950)

And take a look again at this phrase in their lead:

...just four states (VA, OH, IA, and NC) are on this top-10 list

Then take a look at a map. Of South Carolina.

But it does raise the question . . . South Carolina? That is certainly not on anybody's list of battleground states. I notice that Greenville-Spartanburg is easily Crossroads' hottest market in terms of advertising points at 1200; and it's Obama's second hottest market behind Cedar Rapids. And Romney fails to register there.

Well, there's a June 12 primary for state races that has had a share of controversy over candidates being thrown off the ballot over improperly filed paperwork -- so it's easy to see why Crossroads would be investing in that market.

But Obama?

Maybe he relied on First Read and thought Greenville-Spartanburg was in North Carolina?

Or maybe the Obama campaign is spending money about as wisely as we have come to expect and as frugally as the Obama administration spends federal dollars.

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