Friday, June 22, 2012

Obama Owns Hollywood

And Hollywood owns Obama.

So Obama enjoyed the Devil who wears Prada/Carrie Bradshaw fundraiser last week. That's Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue and Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex in the City, just to be clear.

There sure does seem to be a lot of attention being paid to that fundraiser. I have been doing an On This Date In 2008 series here. Fun stuff. But here's a date I didn't include: On June 17, 2008 - Michelle Obama attended a fundraiser and $10K per plate dinner co-hosted by Calvin Klein and . . . Anna Wintour to support Barack's campaign.

It was the first of two fundraisers co-hosted by Wintour in the 2008 election - the second coupled the fundraiser with a fashion show on September 9 in New York City. That affair was co-hosted with . . . Sarah Jessica Parker.

I remember distinctly the Obama as celebrity meme in 2008. And yet, I have seen very little attention paid to the fact that the Wintour/Parker gala is not new.

Oh well.

Now some are worrying that Obama's obsessive Hollywoood fixation just might be going overboard.

Some of the president's most ardent entertainment industry supporters quietly tell The Hollywood Reporter that while they realize he needs to deploy all of his weapons to compete with deep-pocketed Republican super PACs, they fear the increasing reliance on stars and celebrity contests could backfire with swing voters and mobilize the right.

Forget it. Obama can no more disown Hollywood than he can his own typically white grandmother or his spiritual mentor and racist ex-pastor. Obama owns Hollywood. And Hollywood owns Obama.

Obama and Hollywood

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