Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama Gets The Message That We're Out Of Money But He Keeps Spending Anyway

Via Instapundit, here's Nick Gillespie of Reason on the message in the aftermath of Wisconsin:

The short version: Voters everywhere are finally starting to realize that municipalities, states, and (here's hoping) the federal government are out of money. That's the real message of the major contests last night.

Indeed. It's as if voters listened to this guy back in 2009, and have been voting in increasing measure as if they understood the message since:

INTERVIEWER: At what point do we run out of money?

OBAMA: Well, we're out of money now.

From the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009, to Scott Brown's election in January of 2010, to the historic shellacking in the congressional elections in 2010, to the just concluded triumph of Walker over the recall attempt, voters seem to be getting the message: we're out of money.

Of course, President Obama -- even though he conceded three years ago that "we are out of money now" -- doesn't get the message of that message even to this day, continuing to spend like there will always be tomorrows.

Back to Gillespie:

Last night's results - and moves by other Democratic governors such as New York's Andrew Cuomo - suggest that the voting public is finally getting the message that we can't keep spending far more than we take in at every level of government and that we can't keep promising more and more expensive benefits for public workers who are already earning more in salary than their private-sector counterparts.

Sounds like voters listened to that second guy in the video above as well.

In the end, the message of the message (we can't keep spending) of the message (because we're out of money) is that the voting public is far ahead of President Obama in understanding basic math.

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