Saturday, October 3, 2009

At Least Obama Didn't Ogle Any Brazilians in Copenhagen

You know who's *REALLY* excited by Rio de Janeiro getting the 2016 Olypmic bid and Obama's humiliation in failing to secure it for Chicago?

A young woman who President Obama made famous this past July. Rio de Janeiro resident Mayara Taveres, that's who:

The leader of the free world and his French counterpart were caught sneaking a peek at a the pink-satin-draped booty of a 17-year-old junior G-8 delegate just moments before the summit's official group photo was snapped in Italy yesterday. [...]

The beauty who prompted the president to channel his inner Bill Clinton was identified as Rio de Janeiro resident Mayara Tavares. The girl from Ipanema had been selected to attend a meeting of young people held in conjunction with the summit.

The Audacity of Ogle

H/T Elliott at JOM

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