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Earning a Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

So, Obama has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

We've done most of our commentary on this at either JustOneMinute or at twitter.

But this John Kass article is definitely worth a quote and link here:

It's a 12-day miracle! Praise Obama and pass the Hopium

Isn't it great that President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize?

He'd been in office only 12 days when the Nobel nominations were due. That's a mere 288 hours for Obama to have been credentialed as President Peace.

It's not every day that a Chicago politician with City Hall guys running the White House goes and wins the Nobel Prize. So when the news broke last week, a bold decree was read across the land:

Henceforth, the 12 glorious days shall be known as Barack's Golden Almost-Fortnight; or Barack's Amazing Days of Peace, Harmony, and Universal Love!

We've seen that statement around and about regarding the nominations for the peace prize being due only 12 days into Obama's first term.

Which got us to thinking, what did he do during that almost-fortnight?

So we took a look at the Statements and Releases page, picking out the most memorable entry for each day. We'll start on Day 2, just noting that the inauguration, obviously, was a big, impactful and yes, an inspiring day for all Americans.

Statement from the Press Secretary on the President's signing of two Executive Orders and three Memoranda

The President today signed two Executive Orders and three Presidential Memoranda. These five documents represent a bold first step to fulfill his campaign promises to make government more responsible and accountable, to launch sweeping ethics reform, and to begin a new era of transparent and open government

[VIMH: Obama, responsible, accountable, reform, transparent, open. One of those words is not like the other. One of those words just doesn't belong]

BACKGROUND: President Obama signs Executive Orders on Detention and Interrogation Policy

Executive Order requires closure of the Guantanamo detention center no later than one year from the date of the Order. Closure of the facility is the ultimate goal but not the first step. The Order establishes a review process with the goal of disposing of the detainees before closing the facility.

[VIMH: I'm sure the Executive Order about Guantanamo was very, very impressive at the time and curried great favor with the Nobel Committee. Of course, it was meaningless, as we have been learning recently that Team Obama won't meet their deadline. Not any more meaningless than the Nobel Peace Prize itself. Oh and not any less meaningless, either.]

Statement of President Barack Obama on Rescinding the Mexico City Policy

It is clear that the provisions of the Mexico City Policy are unnecessarily broad and unwarranted under current law, and for the past eight years, they have undermined efforts to promote safe and effective voluntary family planning in developing countries. For these reasons, it is right for us to rescind this policy and restore critical efforts to protect and empower women and promote global economic development.

[VIMH: In an ironic twist (of the knife), Obama made this move one day after the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.]

Statement from the Press Secretary on Executive Office Building

Early this afternoon, the D.C. Fire Department was called to the Executive Office Building in response to reports of smoke on the 4th floor. A limited number of staff were temporarily evacuated and have now returned to their offices. There were no injuries and no apparent damage to the building.

[VIMH: From the statement: "There were no injuries and no apparent damage to the building." Just for the record, we on the right are less concerned with damage to the building than the damage Obama is doing to the office.]

No Statements or Releases

[VIMH: And on the sixth day, Obama rested (kidding, I'm sure Obama did something. It just wasn't something worth mentioning).]

Dr. Jill Biden Announces Plans to Continue Teaching

Continuing her 28-year career as an educator, Dr. Jill Biden returned to teaching today at a DC-area community college. Dr. Biden will work as an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College this semester, teaching two English courses.

[VIMH: FWIW, Even Dr! Jill Biden gets mentioned on the website before VP Joe.]

Statement of the President on the House Passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

I am grateful to the House of Representatives for moving the American Recovery and Reinvestment plan forward today. There are many numbers in this plan. It will double our capacity to generate renewable energy. It will lower the cost of health care by billions and improve its quality. It will modernize thousands of classrooms and send more kids to college. And it will put billions of dollars in immediate tax relief into the pockets of working families.

[VIMH: Just for the record, ARRA made it out of Congress on Feb 13, the same night Obama and the First Lady hosted a concert honoring Stevie Wonder at the White House and one day before Obama and the First Lady had a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner in Chicago. It was four days before Obama signed the act into law.]

Statement from President Obama on Rod Blagojevich

Today ends a painful episode for Illinois. For months, the state had been crippled by a crisis of leadership. Now that cloud has lifted. I wish Governor Quinn the best and pledge my full cooperation as he undertakes his new responsibilities.

[VIMH: To paraphrase former Governor Blago, "A Nobel Peace Prize is a f**king valuable thing!"]

Obama Announces Middle Class Task Force

President Barack Obama today announced the creation of a White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families to be chaired by Vice President Joe Biden. The Task Force is a major initiative targeted at raising the living standards of middle-class, working families in America.

[VIMH: Finally, Joe Biden gets a mention on an effort that has surely become a household phrase across America. Not a day goes by that someone in every corner of this great land thanks their lucky stars that the Middle Class Task Force is on the job, headed by Joe]

Obama On Iraqi Provincial Elections

I congratulate the people of Iraq on holding significant provincial elections today. Millions of Iraqi citizens from every ethnic and religious group went peacefully to the polls across the country to choose new provincial councils. It is important that the councils get seated, select new governors, and begin work on behalf of the Iraqi people who elected them.

[VIMH: Now here is something that is genuinely and completely related to the concept of peace. Of course, Obama had absolutely nothing to do with it, and in fact did everything in his power to undermine efforts to stabilize Iraq. In other words, he inherited this situation from the previous administration.]

No Statements or Releases

[VIMH: Fitting.]

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