Monday, October 26, 2009

Presidential Priorities

A couple things about Obama's schedule kinda puts things into perspective...


So, Obama's been catching a little grief that in his (now 24*) golf games and in the congressional basketball game recently, he had never invited a woman.

So, he invited Melody Barnes to join his foursome Sunday. Barnes is Obama's domestic policy advisor.

Now, is it just me or... Barry trading a little grief with the press in exchange for a trip to the doghouse by Michelle?

And while it is unconfirmed, there are reports that Ms. Barnes put Obama in his place on the course:

Obama Golf Scorecard, October 25, 2009



These are tweets from CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller posted Sunday night:

Tomorrow a the WH: Obama convenes another Afghanistan policy session with top advisors in the Situation Room - the 6th since Sep 13th.
October 25 from web

But his schedule only allows about 75 minutes rather than the 3 hrs given previous Afghanistan policy review sessions.
October 25 from web

Obama leaves the WH early afternoon for Florida - principally to attend TWO Democratic Congressional fund-raisers in Miami Monday evening.
October 25 from web

Golf on Sunday, campaigning on Monday, with a little bit of Afghanistan review thrown in to put on the time sheet.

Mark Knoller, with his round Sunday, just over 9 months into his presidency, Obama has equalled the number of golf rounds played by Bush, which Bush took 2 years and 10 months to accomplish. After that Bush gave up golf because the he felt it wasn't proper for the president to play golf while the nation was at war.

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  1. Interesting scores!!!
    Nowadays,President Obama is scheduling more meetings with his advisors over issue of "US's future efforts in Afghanistan".It is really in favour of US to get rid of problematic situations of Afghan war.