Saturday, May 12, 2012

Are You Judged By The Color of Your Skin More Now Than You Were Four Years Ago?

We've come full circle, haven't we?

This is a now famous sign at a tea party rally a few years back:

And this week we learned about this:

House Democrats received training this week on how to address the issue of race to defend government programs, according to training materials obtained by The Washington Examiner.

The prepared content of a Tuesday presentation to the House Democratic Caucus and staff indicates that Democrats will seek to portray apparently neutral free-market rhetoric as being charged with racial bias, conscious or unconscious.

That early tea party sign was prophetic, no? Democrats are all but conceding its point. We might as well expect to see this sign at Obama rallies:

How the Left Views the Right

Once upon a time, four years ago, America was told a story about a post-racial would-be president.

Turns out that was pure fantasy -- not a dream rooted in the history of Martin Luther King, Jr -- and we are perhaps an even more racial-conscious society than we were then. And Democrats are looking to exploit that fact for electoral gain.

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