Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Obama's Razor: We Can't Stop Them. We Can Only Hope They Can't Contain Themselves

So President Obama has been faring poorly for a sitting President running for reelection in recent primaries. He got a run for his money in West Virginia when a Texas prisoner received 41% of the vote. In North Carolina, 21% of primary voters elected to select "No Preference" rather than Obama. In Kentucky, "Uncommitted" received 42% of the vote. And in Arkansas, John Wolfe -- a Tennessee attorney -- received 41% of the votes.

Naturally, the Democrats apply the most logical spin on the reason for such a dismal showing. Take it away Ace:

Democrats Pretty Sure They Know Why Obama Lost 40% of the Vote In Kentucky and Arkansas

Oh, I hope that didn't leave you guessing. If so, then let Bryan Preston clear things up for you:

I Told You They Would Blame Obama’s Awful Kentucky and Arkansas Results on Race

I'm not sure there's a name for this yet, but there should be. It's the Democrats' corollary to Hanlon's Razor:

Never attribute to Democratic incompetence that which can be blamed on RACISM!!!!!

Yes, the all caps are a necessary component of this cri de cour of the Democratic Party. And while the sentiment existed long, long before President Obama was a national figure, he seems to have brought it into almost daily use.

So let's just call it Obama's Razor for now. Or maybe Obama's Racer. Not sure which is better. Someone else can decide.

But is it true? Well, if the Democrats insist on racism as the cause of Obama's woes in these primaries, then they have to admit they are a party of racists, since these are Democratic primaries. They can make that case if they like. It should bode well for them in the general election -- and not just in the Presidential race -- to be telling members of their own party that they consider them racists. Go for it!

Interesting, though, is that the numbers line up fairly consistently. Let's take a look at the difference in the Not Obama votes by Democrats in the 2008 election (based on exit polling) versus the 2012 primaries.

Percent of Democrats Not Voting for Obama
North Carolina
2008 General Election: 10%
2012 Democratic Primary: 21%
Difference: -11%

2008 General Election: 31%
2012 Democratic Primary: 42%
Difference: -11%

West Virginia
2008 General Election: 31%
2012 Democratic Primary: 41%
Difference: -10%

2008 General Election: 23%
2012 Democratic Primary: 42%
Difference: -19%

In Kentucky, West Virginia and North Carolina, Obama faced no real opposition (NC and KY there was no one else on the ballot, in WV that person was a convicted felon behind bars in a Texas prison). In these states he lost between 10-11% of his 2008 support among Democrats. In Arkansas, Obama had opposition in the form of a little known, but non-felon attorney, and he lost 19% of his 2008 support.

Democrats will attribute this to racism, rather than Obama's incompetence. It's not Obama's policies or record, the terrible economy and millions out of work. Nope, it's the color of his skin. The fact that there are among these Not Obama voters thousands upon thousands who voted for Obama in 2008 can go completely unnoticed because . . . RACISM!!!

We couldn't stop them if we wanted to. I'm convinced we shouldn't want them to even if we could in this election.

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  1. Thanks for my morning smile.... I feel so much better knowing that Democrats have finally determined who they are.....RACISTS!

    After all, they did start the KKK and Planned Parenthood was set up to kill black and Mexican babies to keep the undesirable population down.