Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If You're Going To Hit Obama For His "Change", Quote Him Saying "That Change Has Been Painful"

Via Jim Geraghty, here's the latest Crossroads GPS ad:

Geraghty titles his post using a quote from the ad in which a mom is lamenting that her grown kids are forced to live at home because they can't find jobs:

‘He Promised Change… But Things Changed For the Worse.’

That's disappointing. Not so much the Geraghty post -- but that the ad didn't use the quote Geraghty caught in this old post from June of last year:

Obama: ‘For a lot of our friends and neighbors, that change has been painful.’

Geraghty even surmised in that post:

Somehow I suspect President Obama provided his opponents with more video fodder with this comment at Cree Inc., in Durham, North Carolina.

I think Crossroads could have deftly worked that quote into their ad to great effect. They should have listened to Geraghty.

I did:

But it of course is by no means a professional campaign ad.

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