Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fewer chickens in every pot and fewer cars in every garage

From Real Clear Politics…in response to McCain acknowledging that drilling for oil offshore would not provide immediate relief, but that there would be some psychological relief that would be good, Obama called him on “psychological relief” gimmick, and claimed the mantle of true relief giver with this:

Well the American people ... need real relief that will help them fill up their tanks and put food on their table. They need a long-term energy strategy that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil by investing in the renewable sources of energy that represent the future. That's what they need."

Did you follow that?

The American people need relief to help them fill their tanks and feed their families.

OK, I’m all for it! Now, let’s get to work. What are we going to do to provide real relief, Senator Obama?

A long-term energy strategy that invests in renewable energy of the future.

So, that puts gas in our tank and food on our table how?

Because, and forgive us for our impudence but, you do want to provide real relief now, don’t you Senator?

Oh, wait… (h/t Geraghty)

But to encourage a transition toward alternatives, Obama favors legislation that would make fossil fuel more expensive. Doesn't that mean more pain to come under an Obama presidency? "There is no doubt that in the short term, adapting to this new energy economy is going to carry some costs." But, he adds, citing the coal industry's ability to adapt to stop acid rain in the 1980s, "I would never underestimate the power of American innovation."

So, Obama is willing to say the American people need real relief – he’s just not willing to do anything to provide it.

Obama wants our gas tanks empty and our dinner tables sparse.

Got it, thanks.

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  1. Rather reminiscent of his views on capital gains taxation, what?