Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Let's get ready for the debates

In my article on American Thinker I wrote:

Obama's strategy has been to orient the campaign around his greatest strength and advantage -- who could deliver the best speech -- and away from his greatest weakness -- his poor ability to answer questions about how he would deliver on any of its promises.

Not an earth-breaking-ground-shattering observation, I know. But I reproduce it here to set up the latest in earth-breaking-ground-shattering general election debate discussions between McCain and Obama.

McCain says, let’s do town halls!

Well, that’s not a surprise. McCain wants to steer the debates in the direction of the least scripted, least structured format possible. Get Obama away from the teleprompter and you have a chance at one of his classic gaffes. Confront him with specific questions without time limits and buzzers and you have a chance to expose the vapidity of his platitudes.

Obama says, great idea! In fact, let’s do it like Lincoln-Douglas debates!

Yes, well...the thing about the Lincoln-Douglas debates?

Each debate had this format: one candidate spoke for an hour, then the other candidate spoke for an hour and a half, and then the first candidate was allowed a half hour "rejoinder." The candidates alternated speaking first. As the incumbent, Douglas spoke first in four of the debates.

Well, imagine that. Obama is trying to “orient the [debates] around his greatest strength and advantage – who could deliver the best speech.”

(h/t Redstate)

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  1. Flaming Zombie ExtinguisherJune 5, 2008 at 12:18 AM

    Gack! An hour and a half of "hopey change"?

    People may offer to vote for Obama just for the promise that he will shut his effin mouth.