Thursday, June 12, 2008

Issue the challenge, make him visit

Maybe we’re seeing some movement in the “challenge McCain to visit ANWR” theme started here?

Rich Lowry has put up a couple “from a reader” posts about a McCain visit on the Corner, here and here.

And Glenn Reynolds refers to McCain visiting ANWR, here.

We suggested Newt Gingrich issue the challenge, because of his Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less. campaign.

Or perhaps a milder form could be an invitation by Governor Sarah Palin or Senator Lisa Murkowski to visit the area?

One more note. Though in yesterday’s town hall, McCain reiterated his line likening drilling in ANWR to drilling in the Grand Canyon, remember that in his January blogger conference call he also included the Everglades in that formulation. Makes sense that he did, since the Florida primary was coming up, of course.

And speaking of the Everglades, this is from last Wednesday:

ORLANDO -- John McCain, who will venture into the Everglades for the first time as a presidential candidate Friday, on Thursday [...]

Visiting the Everglades is a rite of passage for politicians shoring up their environmental credentials in the nation's largest swing state.

OK. Well it’s time to make visiting ANWR the new rite of passage for politicians shoring up their "lower gas prices" credentials and "reduce our dependence on foreign oil" credentials, especially if they insist that drilling in ANWR would be no different than drilling in the Grand Canyon or the Everglades.

Issue the challenge, make him visit.

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