Friday, June 13, 2008

Just what bloggers need

Training in professionalism by professional journalists:

Training helps bloggers hone professionalism

Non-journalists entering the world of blogs, online feedback forums, online videos and news Web sites provide information that newspapers and other media can't or don't. But many are now turning to professional journalists for help with dilemmas they're facing: When is something libelous? What's the difference between opinion and news? And how do you find public documents?

About a dozen would-be reporters navigated the basics of journalism at a recent training offered by the Society of Professional Journalists in Chicago. [emphasis added]

Wait. Are bloggers really clamouring for professional journalists of all people to teach them these things? (and aside from making a buck or two off of "nitwits", are professional journalists really interested in helping bloggers hone skills that might send them down the river?)

Of course, we admit that it tickles us to no end imagining Keith Olbermann leading a session titled, "Reporting the news on election night and not letting opinions get in the way"

We're confident in saying that we're confident that these folks leading these seminars are no Keith Olbermanns. But still.

Well. We suppose it's not likely that we're part of their target audience anyway.

Or are we?

The group plans similar seminars this month in Greensboro, N.C., and Los Angeles.

Party at our house after the training session!

See you there!

AND IN ALL SERIOUSNESS: We mourn the passing of a true professional journalist who knew the difference between opinion and news, Tim Russert.

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