Sunday, July 27, 2008

Debating in the Rockies

We spent nearly six years in Denver, leaving in early 2002. While there we were never interested in politics, especially not state or local politics.

So we come to the video below with very fond memories of the state of Colorado overall, but not much knowledge of this particular Senate race nor of Republican Bob Schaffer or Democrat Mark Udall.

No matter. It is compelling stuff even without that background. We found this in a diary at Red State, so let's have diarist NightTwister set it up:

Former congressman and Colorado Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer had a debate with congressman and Democrat Senate candidate Mark Udall this past week. I was unable to attend, but there was quite a lively crowd. Mark Udall was blindsided by Bob Schaffer during the debate with his response to a question from the channel 9 News moderator. This is one that's best seen, rather than read.


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  1. That was terrific!! Wonder if Udall recognized his own words as Shafer was reading them.