Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Obama is full of it, continued

We've avoided the election since arriving here on vacation.

But Obama and cynicism is a hobby horse that we simply cannot help but drag up onto our soap box. So here we go.

Via Yuval Levin at the Corner, we come to this account from the Caucus Blog at the NYT of an appearance, in which Obama wants to refute this dastardly notion that all his recent flip-flopping is cynical, political flip-flopping:

“One of the things you find as you go through this campaign, everyone becomes so cynical about politics,” Mr. Obama said. There is an “assumption that your must be doing everything for political reasons.”

There you go. All those cynical Obama moves we went to lengths to document in the original "Obama is full of it" post?

Phooey, says Obama. It is not he who is cynical, it is people like us -- voters.

It comes as no surprise that he holds voters in such disdain, of course, since we've been paying attention. But it is surprising to hear Obama state it so blatantly.

According to Obama, Obama is too pure to be doing any flip-flopping out of base politcal motives. Obama transcends the ability to act cynically. Rather, it is the rubes who cynically attribute cynicism to Obama that they themselves cyncially project onto a cynicalless post-partisan, trans-political Messiah such as Obama.

Obama basically says, "who you gonna believe, me or your cynical lying eyes?"

Pheh. With our right eye tied behind our back we see right through this BS. Tie our left eye behind our back too, and we would smell it.

Let's quote ourselves from back in February (the second post we ever did on this blog and the first non-introduction post, in fact):

It is not without evidence that such a charge is leveled, Senator. It is not without justification that many of us find ourselves very cynical about your message of change – about both your ability and your intent to make the change you promise where it conflicts with your self-interest.

The change you are promising to bring, Senator, is simply not something we can believe in. Not when it is premised on you being the one to deliver it.

Go ahead and call me a cynic -- I deserve it. But so too have you earned my cynicism.

Obama has made people call him cynical the old fashioned way -- he's earned it.

For him to say differently means he is either lying or delusional. In either case (or both! Why either/or when it is just as likely to be both/and!), he is someone not to be trusted as president.

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