Saturday, July 19, 2008

Time waits for Norman

Yes. We are pulling for Greg Norman in the Open Championship.

Per the incomparable Elliott at JOM, the title of this post is a first for this occasion.

We do what we can.

In 1996 we worked at a golf course in Denver (Golden, CO, to be precise). It was a stormy day in which we hunkered down in the club house...when the pilot of Greg Norman's private jet entered and regaled us with stories of Norman's various travels.

Being 1996, only one story was important, of course. It was that year that Norman had undergone the monumental collapse in the Masters, losing to Nick Faldo.

It was in that conversation with a not-so-insider, insider look that we got a feeling of Norman's professionalism.

Norman, upon that collossal collapse, reached the plane with little visible external emotion. It was, "Eh, things happen. Let's go."

He may have been hiding the understandable pain, he may have been repressing the self-anger at letting such a championship slip from his grasp.

We don't know -- we have only the account of this pilot to go on. But this account comported with the experience of highs and lows, wins and losses, triumphs and defeats that portray Greg Norman as an unusually grounded professional athlete.

We don't know what we don't know about him.

But what we think we know, from that conversation and from causual observation through the years compels us...

Go Shark, go!


  1. Who would have thought the Open Championship would provide a more compelling story line than the U.S. Open? It should be a memorable Sunday.

  2. No doubt.

    I only caught today's round from when Norman was finishing 15 (if it weren't for Jane I mighta missed it all).

    I'll catch it all tomorrow.